Slaves BC – Third Temple (2020)

Slaves BC – Third Temple (The Fear and the Void Recordings, 18 March 2020)   Hello from the Valley of Steel Quarantine Command Headquarters. Hoping that everyone is staying safe out there, wherever you are. Personally, my coworkers and I had barely begun adapting to an entirely new accounting and ERP software system, which we […]

Slaves BC – Lo and I am Burning (2018)

Slaves BC – Lo and I am Burning (The Fear and the Void Recordings, 16 March 2018) The new record from Pittsburgh’s blackened hardcore doom juggernaut Slaves BC officially hit the streets about a week and a half ago. Considering this writer’s lengthy history of covering the band, it’s pretty shameful that I haven’t gotten […]

Lord Mantis Interviewed By Slaves BC!!

Lord Mantis interviewed by Slaves BC   So tomorrow — Friday the 29th — the new Lord Mantis EP NTW will be released, the band’s first recorded material since their big line-up shakeup (and merger with Indian) last year. You can read all about those changes, and take a look at that new EP as […]

Slaves BC – All is Dust and I am Nothing (2016)

Slaves BC – All is Dust and I am Nothing (Veritas Vinyl, 16 February 2016)     Whoops, I guess I forgot to say “Spoiler Alert”… Seriously, though, that was my initial reaction on hearing this full album for the first time. I know it’s still very early in the year, and there will be […]

Slaves BC / Grace & Thieves – Cursed Breath / Innocent Blood (2014)

Slaves BC / Grace & Thieves – Cursed Breath / Innocent Blood (Veritas Vinyl, 04 August 2014)   The split record is an interesting concept in the music industry. The vinyl EP or LP or cassette with (usually) one band on each side, or the more modern CD or digital release with tracks contributed by […]

Slaves BC / Cousin Sleaze – Split 7″

Slaves BC / Cousin Sleaze – Split 7″ (self-released, 11 April 2013)     Several months ago, I wrote about a new EP from the Pittsburgh-based dark, caustic hardcore/metal band Slaves BC, which was titled we mean nothing. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, you could look it up if you searched for it, but I’m […]

Person or Persons Unknown: Six Questions with Slaves BC Bassist Jason Cantu

Hey there, folks! I hope your week is going well. If it’s not, I guess you can be glad that it’s almost over! Personally, I’m just about totally recovered from last weekend’s Winter’s Wake festival, and sometime soon I’ll probably even start writing again. In the meantime, please enjoy this BRAND NEW feature which will […]

Slaves BC – we mean nothing. EP

  Slaves BC – we mean nothing. EP (self-released, 26 October 2012)   ****************   PREFACE/DISCLAIMER: Somehow this article turned out way longer than I originally intended, and the majority of it is way off-topic. If you’re a big fan of my rambly writing style, feel free to keep reading. But if you’re just interested […]

Mevrimna – INHIBIT\\EXHIBIT (2019)

Mevrimna – INHIBIT\\EXHIBIT (The Fear and the Void Recordings, 01 November 2019)   While they may take the stage silently, completely shrouded in the anonymity of long black cowls, I don’t think either member of Pittsburgh-based blackened noise duo Mevrimna is making any real attempt to conceal their real-life alter egos: the guitarist (and occasionally […]

Sub Alpine Metal Fest – Turtle Creek (Pittsburgh) PA, November 2018

        Sub Alpine Metal Fest   Friday 02 November 2018 (doors 4:00 pm | music 4:30-11:00) Saturday 03 November 2018 (doors 3:00 pm | music 3:45-11:00) at the Sub-Alpina Society – 108 9th Street, Turtle Creek PA 15145 $10 each day at door (no advance sales)