Winter’s Wake Winterview: Dream Death

  And here’s the moment you’ve all been eagerly anticipating. Following their triumphant return to the stage last year, the legendary Pittsburgh band is back for another show — their only scheduled appearance in this area this year — as well as a brand-new album and line of merchandise! Without any further delay, here’s a […]


Winter’s Wake Winterview: Vattnet Viskar

  Hello once again. Winter’s Wake (day 2) is starting in less than six hours! If you haven’t noticed, I’m really excited about this. When the line-up for this show was first announced, there were so many bands I was really looking forward to seeing, I wasn’t even sure which one to get the most […]

Winter’s Wake Winterview: Molasses Barge

  Hello again! Here’s the next Winter’s Wake “Winterview” — one more time I had a little chat with Justin Gizzi, this time about his heavy doom band Molasses Barge. I did an interview with that band’s drummer Wayne Massey several months ago, which covered a bit of their history and lots of other interesting […]

Winter’s Wake Winterview: Occultation

  Good morning!! Seriously, last night’s show (Winter’s Wake day one) was every bit as amazing as I could have hoped! Still shaking off some of the effects of being there til past 1 am after working all day yesterday, but I’m so excited about today it doesn’t even matter. I’ve got another few interviews […]

Winter’s Wake Winterview: Meth Quarry

  Hello, once more! Time keeps ticking away, it’s almost time to go to Winter’s Wake tonight! Here’s another band interview! I talked to Adam Joseph Bailey, the vocalist from Meth Quarry, about what’s been happening with that band since I spoke with them back in December. Admittedly, this interview was even more brief than […]

Winter’s Wake Winterview: Liquified Guts

  Hey, folks! The first night of Winter’s Wake 2013 is just a few more hours away! There are a ton of incredible bands (well, six) playing tonight, this is a show you will NOT want to miss. Here’s another band interview for you, this time I spoke with the bassist from Liquified Guts, Justin […]

Winter’s Wake Winterview: Vulture

  Good morning, folks! Winter’s Wake 2013 officially starts tonight! Words cannot describe how excited I am. I hope you feel the same way. I’ve still got a few more bands to talk about, so I’ll continue posting these throughout the day. First up this morning is the “Steel City Sludge” band Vulture! You might […]

Winter’s Wake Winterview: Drones for Queens

  We’re drawing closer and closer to the Winter’s Wake 2013 Thursday Night Pre-fest Show! Here’s one more interview with a band that’s playing tonight! I already wrote about this particular band a few months ago, but here’s the responses I got to some questions I asked Drones for Queens:  

Winter’s Wake Winterview: Dendritic Arbor

  The Winter’s Wake 2013 Thursday Night Pre-fest Show is coming up very soon! Here’s an interview with another band that’s playing tonight! Once more, since there have been so many different bands to talk to, I’m keeping these relatively short and sweet. Hopefully there’ll be enough here for you (the reader) to get a […]

Winter’s Wake Winterview: Nomad Queen

  Just a few more hours to go until Winter’s Wake 2013 officially kicks off with the Thursday night pre-fest show! So here’s an interview with one of tonight’s bands!! As I’ve been doing all along, since there have been so many different bands to talk to, I’m keeping these relatively short and sweet. There […]