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    If you have an upcoming release for which you are seeking reviews, please note that it makes things far more convenient on this end if you include a means to download the promotional materials. Ideally, a single compressed file (i.e. ZIP or RAR), downloadable from an external source such as Haulix, PromoJukebox, Google Drive or Dropbox, which includes all the tracks in high-quality MP3 format. Also appreciated would be: an image file of the cover art and promo photo of the band, biographical information, the album’s release date, where you are from (city and country), record label name (if applicable), LINKS to relevant social media sites for band and record label. Sending too much information would be preferable to not sending enough!

    Please bear a few things in mind:
    This website focuses mostly on “metal and heavy music”; however, what gets covered will be purely at the discretion of the writer(s)/publisher, and of course subject to time constraints.

    Certain styles (nu-metal, metalcore, anything overly processed or digitized or synthesized, ANYTHING that uses auto-tune, just to name a few examples) are unlikely to be reviewed, even if they traditionally would fall into the category of “heavy music.”

    And under absolutely NO circumstances will we knowingly publicize any band or record label who is directly or indirectly supportive of any nazi/fascist ideology, any form of racism, misogyny, anything anti-LGBTQ in any way, or more generally speaking, any platform that is hateful against any specific group based on stereotypes or prejudices. If this describes you or the label you are affiliated with, please don’t waste my time.

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Published: 05 October 2012
Last updated: 27 April 2021