What To Do In Pittsburgh Tonight (30 October 2012)

Hey out there in Iron City land! Trick-or-Treat cancelled or postponed in your neighborhood and now you’ve got nothing to do tonight? Why not try this on for size…

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More Saille News…


And here’s an update regarding the upcoming Saille album…

I just told you two weeks ago that the Belgian black metal band had pretty much wrapped up working on their second album — the follow-up to 2011’s Irreversible Decay, but now I have several more tidbits of information to disseminate to you lucky bastards!

First of all, I mentioned before that the artwork for the album’s cover was being designed by Polish landscape artist Michal Karcz. Well, that’s been completed and is now ready to be revealed to you — in fact, it’s that lovely green mountain fortress up at the top of this page.

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More MAKE News…


Hey there, party people! You might have noticed that I just wrote about these guys a little over a week ago, when I learned that they had a new three-track EP ready to be released at the beginning of next month. At that time, I told you that Axis was being released through Black Iron Records as a digital download on Bandcamp, on the first of November — which is just two more days away, so hopefully you’re as excited as I am about that!

But since that post, I learned even better news, with the promise of even more new MAKE material coming our way in the not-too-distant future!
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Who Wants Some Free Music?

Hello there, folks! In case you can’t read a calendar (or you just woke up from a coma or something), it’s Monday again. So that means back to work, or school, or whatever the hell you do all day. Generally this isn’t really a good thing. But, once you see what I have to share with you, maybe you won’t mind as much…

See, I didn’t really get around to doing a lot of writing over the past week, besides a couple updates about shows happening in the Pittsburgh area over the weekend — if you hadn’t noticed, my last article before those was on Tuesday, when the Doommantia Vol. 1 benefit compilation for Ed Barnard was released.

Since then, I’ve bought myself a copy and downloaded it, and believe me it’s well worth at least the minimum purchase price — which, once again, goes towards helping out a friend in need. If you missed the news last week (or if you saw it and said you’d come back to it later and then forgot about it) you can check iit out here.

Anyway, I was saying I hadn’t really written much since then. That’s mostly due to the fact that things were so busy at work last week. But don’t worry, I spent tons of time listening to music and finding some good quality stuff to pass along to you!

Besides the Doommantia compilation, I’ve run across several more good ones recently, many of which can be downloaded for FREE, and I’d like to tell you about those today!


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What To Do In Pittsburgh Tonight (28 October 2012)

Hey ladies and gentlemen of Steel Town! Got plans this evening? Since we’re enjoying a rare (this season, anyhow) early football game, perhaps you’ll still be in the mood to go out and have some fun after you’re done watching the Steelers (in their Halloween bumblebee costumes) beat up on the visiting Washington Pigskins? Well here’s a suggestion for you…




Drusky Entertainment Presents:

Kip Winger Live

with special guests Wojo and Ray Lanich


at the Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh

230 W. Station Square Drive, Pittsburgh (South Side / Station Square)


Sunday 28 October 2012 | 8:30pm (8:00 doors) | $12 ADV ($14 at door) | ALL AGES

Grab your tickets for the show here, and get more details at the Drusky calendar here and Facebook event page here.

What To Do In Pittsburgh Tonight (27 October 2012)

Hey Pittsburgh people! It’s the weekend before Halloween, so you know what that means — lots of people going out to bars dressed in stupid outfits! Also there are tons of bands playing all over town, so here are some of the spots you may wish to check out this fine Saturday evening…

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FOR A GOOD CAUSE: Doommantia Vol. 1 Compilation


Various Artists – Doommantia Vol. 1 (23 October 2012)

Hey folks. We’ve already talked about Ed Barnard, who operates the Doommantia website, but in case you’ve forgotten, this is the guy who has dealt with being bankrupted by astronomical medical bills, eventually resulting in being evicted from his home. More information on the situation is available elsewhere, if you care to look.

Anyway, it’s a pretty terrible story, but the brotherhood (and sisterhood — or, let’s just say, siblinghood) of Doom Metal has been quick to respond. The Doommantia website itself has been collecting funds via a Paypal button; earlier this month, Maryland-based War Injun put together a benefit concert.

And now, an enormous (39 tracks! Over four hours long!) compilation of songs from all kinds of amazing bands has been put together by members of South Carolina’s Compel. Downloads are available for purchase from Bandcamp; the minimum price is only seven bucks, but naturally you have the option to decide to donate any amount you wish.

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What To Do In Pittsburgh Tonight (22 October 2012)

Click to enlarge image


Drusky Entertainment Presents:

My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult 25th Anniversary Tour

with Left Spine Down, Venus in Furs, and Una de Luna


at the Altar Bar

1620 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh (Strip District)


Monday 22 October 2012 | 7:00PM Show, 6:00PM Doors | $18 ADV, $20 DOS | 21+ only

My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult (TKK) began their career twenty-five years ago with Chicago’s Wax Trax! Records, and are now considered highly influential in the hybridization of industrial rock with electronic dance music. To celebrate this quarter-century milestone, the band is currently touring all over the country (see the full list of dates in the image at the top of this page), including a stop at Pittsburgh’s Altar Bar tonight.

Along for the ride is Canadian cyberpunks Left Spine Down (LSD), and starting things off for the evening will be a pair of local electronic artists, Venus in Furs and Una de Luna.

Grab your tickets ahead of time here, then check out more details at the Drusky Concert Calendar here and on the Facebook event page here.

The Metal Wreckage Daily Steel: Get Amon Amarth’s Entire Discography!

Hey guys, have you all seen this yet? Metal Wreckage recently started sending out a daily e-mail message, offering a big discount on boxed sets or collections of CDs. Something different every day. PLUS there’s free shipping (within the U.S.)! It’s definitely worth checking out — sign up for your FREE account here.

Right now they’ve got packages of all eight Amon Amarth albums: Once Sent from the Golden Hall, The Avenger, The Crusher, Versus the World, Fate of Norns, With Oden on Our Side, Twilight of the Thunder God, and Surtur Rising! And almost all of them are reissued special editions with extra discs of bonus content!

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MAKE Announce a New EP, to be Released Soon!


So the North Carolinian blackish post-something-or-other band MAKE just saw their album Trephine (read my review here, in which I invent the term “post-atmospheric-blackened-doom-metal”) released on vinyl by Devouter Records not quite three months ago, and the original self-release (online and on CD) was just over four months earlier.

However, they apparently didn’t want to sit around and waste any time before getting back to work, because this morning the band announced that not only had they completed work on a new three-song EP, but that it’s all ready to be released in just thirteen days!


On November 1st, 2012 we’ll be releasing our latest EP, Axis, on Black Iron Records (that’s us) as a digital download via Bandcamp. We’ll include a PDF of liner notes then, but for now here’s the cover art [above] and tracklisting:

1. Axis
2. Chimera
3. The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

You can be sure I’ll be bringing you more information about this as soon as I know anything new, but in the meantime you can keep an eye on the band using the assortment of links below…

MAKE: blog, Facebook, Bandcamp