The Metal Wreckage Daily Steel: Get Amon Amarth’s Entire Discography!

Hey guys, have you all seen this yet? Metal Wreckage recently started sending out a daily e-mail message, offering a big discount on boxed sets or collections of CDs. Something different every day. PLUS there’s free shipping (within the U.S.)! It’s definitely worth checking out — sign up for your FREE account here.

Right now they’ve got packages of all eight Amon Amarth albums: Once Sent from the Golden Hall, The Avenger, The Crusher, Versus the World, Fate of Norns, With Oden on Our Side, Twilight of the Thunder God, and Surtur Rising! And almost all of them are reissued special editions with extra discs of bonus content!


Amon Amarth Discography – click for larger image

Altogether the albums in this package are worth $121.84, but the sale lasts through this weekend (actually according to the countdown on the sale page, it appears it will end at 2:00pm Monday, eastern US time zone), and the purchase price is AT LEAST 30% off. Plus free shipping. To see the exact price, you need to log into your Metal Wreckage account, which as I mentioned above, is free to join.


You can find the full details on this package, including the track listing and information about the bonus materials, here.

For more about Metal Wreckage, visit their website or Facebook page.

For more Amon Amarth, check out their website or Facebook page.


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