supercorrupter – Amps. Anecdotes. Annihilation.; Horseburner – Dead Seeds, Barren Soil (2016)


supercorrupterAmps. Anecdotes. Annihilation. (self-released, 30 June 2016)



HorseburnerDead Seeds, Barren Soil (self-released, 08 July 2016)


Hey all you music lovers, or people who are indifferent about music but afficionados of rambly written words! There’s more of both of those in store for you today. I’d like to share recently-released albums by a pair of local (regional) bands: supercorrupter (formerly known as The Gingerdead Men and containing members of various other area groups such as DeathCrawl and Showboy) from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio (between Akron and Cleveland), and Horseburner from Parkersburg, West Virginia (about halfway down the state, going north-to-south, and right at the edge of the Ohio River). Both of these just happen to be appearing at Ohio’s Blackout Cookout next month, but why not give them a listen today?


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What To Do In Pittsburgh Tonight (18 October 2012)


Drusky Entertainment Presents:

The Misfits

with special guests The Attack, Revenge Memorial, Gods & Aliens, A Lovely Crisis


at the Altar Bar

1620 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh (Strip District)


Thursday 18 October 2012 | 7:00pm Show, 6:00 Doors | $23 ADV, $25 at door | ALL AGES

It’s the motherfucking Misfits, what more is there to say? The band was formed thirty-five years ago, and even though bassist (and now vocalist) Jerry Only is the only original member remaining, their popularity has never wavered. They’re currently touring the nation with Florida’s The Attack, and now visiting Pittsburgh alongside a handful of local openers.

Come on out to the Altar Bar tonight — (and see if perhaps the atmosphere of the venue inspires Jerry to dust off some of the tunes from his old Christian metal band Kryst the Conqueror!)

Get your tickets here, or find more info at the Drusky concert calendar here, or Facebook events here and here.

VOS Interview: A Drummer Double Feature! Molasses Barge vs. Vulture!

Hello folks, and a happy Friday to you! Just when it felt like it would never happen, the weekend’s finally here. I’ve got a feeling this is going to be an especially good one, because there’s a ton of amazing shows and events happening! I’ll have more on that later, so stay tuned.

One of them in particular stands out, though — tomorrow night at the 31st Street Pub is the first date on the joint headlining tour between Relapse Records artists 16 and Tombs. That by itself is reason enough to get excited, but opening the show will be two of my absolute favorite local bands, the heavy doom armada that is Molasses Barge and Steel City sludgelords Vulture!

I’ve only seen Molasses Barge once before (and it was over a year ago! — read more about that here), and (believe it or not) although I’ve been listening to Vulture for a long time, I’ve never had the chance to see them play live yet! So needless to say, I’m really looking forward to this show. I’ve already got my tickets (they can be ordered here) but if you don’t, it’s just twelve bucks when you show up at the door. More info on the show itself can be found here.

Anyway, in anticipation of this event, I decided to get a couple of interviews lined up. If you’ve been reading my reviews for a while, you may have picked up on the fact that I often tend to focus on drumming while listening to music. It’s just the way I hear things, I guess — and I don’t know if it’s because I play drums (occasionally) or if I chose to play that instrument because it’s something I pay a lot of attention to.

In either case, the drumming in each of these bands’ genres is one of the main things that attracts me to those particular styles. So, it only seemed natural for me to talk to the two bands’ drummers. Here, then, are the questions and answers from Molasses Barge’s Wayne Massey and Vulture’s Kelly Gabany



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What To Do In Pittsburgh This Week: Part 1 (24-25 September 2012)

Wow, sometimes it feels like all I ever do anymore is write these “What To Do In Pittsburgh” posts. It might look that way, but don’t worry — there’s some cool stuff brewing behind the scenes around here, some big changes and announcements will be coming shortly. In the meantime…

Usually I end up covering a weekend’s worth of events with these things, but it seems like this week there’s an extraordinary amount of stuff going on in between the weekends. So that’s why I’m throwing together this special two-part weekday edition — there’s some stuff to keep you busy each evening from Monday through Thursday this week! This post will cover tonight and tomorrow night (Monday the 24th and Tuesday the 25th) and stay tuned for the rest to be posted tomorrow…


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Michale Graves Announces More War of Information Tour Dates

Michale Graves, former Misfits, Graves, and Gotham Road vocalist, has announced a new string of dates being tacked onto the previously announced War of Information Tour (which ultimately is supposed to be leading up to the recording and release of an album by the same name). These new shows, kicking off next Tuesday in Pittsburgh, will consist of acoustic-only performances.

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Michale Graves – War of Information Tour Update + Drug Bust News

Good morning, my dear friends and faithful readers! I’ve got more news to report and more album reviews to share, and it’ll all get published eventually so bear with me — it just happens to be a pretty busy time of year for corporate office job slaves such as myself (what with everyone around me taking week-long vacations constantly, leaving me with piles of excess crap to deal with).

Anyway, I wanted to remind you about the Michale Graves “War of Information Tour” that’s still going on (read my earlier post about the tour here or just catch a summary of the remaining dates at the end of this one). Particularly for western or central Pennsylvania readers — note that there’s a stop in Altoona tonight, and once again The Cheats will be enlisted as an opening act!

While we’re on the subject, though, I also wanted to pass along a little tidbit of news (courtesy of Screaming Crow Records) that you might have missed hearing about…

UPDATE – 18 September 2012 – click here to see the latest additions to the War of Information Tour dates!

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Upcoming Shows: Michale Graves – War of Information Tour 2012

If you’ve ever studied the family tree of people who’ve either been in the Misfits over the years, or at least played in bands with former Misfits members, then you know there are more characters there than in the cast of most soap operas.

Without going into too much detail (or doing any research, so any factual errors are due to my own faulty memory)…

After the original band dissolved in the 80s, singer Glenn Danzig went on to form Samhain, which evolved into Danzig, with a number of different people. Meanwhile, the Misfits were later reformed by bassist Jerry Only. Here again there was a rotating line-up of members, but one of the best-known was the foursome that put out a few albums in the late 90s, which included Only’s brother Doyle von Frankenstein (who I believe had also participated in the band’s earlier incarnation for a time) on guitar, a drummer named Dr. Chud and vocalist Michale Graves. All of those folks have left the band at various times, leaving the bassist once again as the sole original member (and now, as I understand it, also handling vocal duties himself). Von Frankenstein was last seen as a member of the Danzig Legacy tour, which also featured the titular singer. Graves and Chud had set out on their own prior to this, working together in a band called Graves, if I’m not mistaken. Then the two parted ways, playing in other bands, and eventually the singer embarked on a solo career, which finally brings us to the present day.

Michale Graves has been performing solo acoustic shows for the past few years, in addition to releasing the album Illusions Live/Viretta Park via Screaming Crow Records in 2008. Now he’s back with a full band and kicks off his “War of Information” summer tour TONIGHT in New Jersey…

UPDATE – 18 September 2012 – click here to see the latest additions to the War of Information Tour dates!
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Out Today: The Cheats – Pussyfootin!


The CheatsPussyfootin! (03 July 2012, Screaming Crow Records)

So I’d just like to go on the record as stating, holidays in the middle of the week are kinda stupid. Basically it’s like having a weekend, but it’s only one day: all day long there’s that feeling of dread that’s usually associated with Sundays, where it feels nice because you aren’t working, but you know you can’t really do anything especially crazy because you have to be up early the next morning to go back to work.

Lots of holidays are specifically designed to coordinate with your weekend — Memorial Day and Labor Day are on Mondays; Easter is on Sunday but most people get off work the Friday before it; and Thanksgiving is always a Thursday, but if you’re lucky that ends up turning into a four-day weekend.

Some of the other major holidays that could fall on any day of the week (because they have a specific date) can be flexible too: there’s New Years Eve, New Years Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day, and usually it works out to where those holidays end up adjacent to a weekend, or you at least get both days off so it’s like having a second weekend anyway.

However, tomorrow (Wednesday) is the 4th of July, when we Americans celebrate our Independence Day because that was the date (two-hundred-thirty-some years ago) that some folks had signed the Declaration of Independence from Britain. While that was generally regarded as a good thing (people weren’t real happy about the way they were paying a whole bunch of taxes to the king while feeling like they weren’t really getting much in return), as a holiday it’s only significant enough to justify one day off work. That means, when it ends up being on a Wednesday, I get to be all excited to leave work on Tuesday (today), knowing that I’ll get a break the next day… but that excitement will be short-lived because Wednesday (tomorrow) I’ll realize that there’s still two days left in the week and I have to come back.

But all that seems pretty depressing, and I guess I should try to think positive: no matter what day of the week it is, it’s always better to have one day off than zero days! So, fuck it. I’m going to resolve to take advantage of the time I have, however short it may be, and enjoy myself tonight and tomorrow.

But, in order to have a good time, that would also require some good music, right? Naturally. Well, I’ve got just what the doctor ordered, and I’ll gladly tell you all about it…

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Out Now: Strong Intention – Razorblade Express


Strong IntentionRazorblade Express (02 July 2012, Patac Records)

Maybe it’s because of when I was born (after Star Wars but before The Empire Strikes Back) — I just barely missed out on the original genesis of both the punk and heavy metal movements; I was too young to get much exposure to either genre until the late 80s, and when I did start listening to some of the stuff in my pre-teen years and beyond, I didn’t really have any sense of the history behind either scene or the animosity that existed between them…

I don’t know what the explanation is, exactly, but I do know I’ve always had one foot on each side of the line, not really caring about definitions or labels or exactly what separates “punk” from “metal” — and in fact, I tend to gravitate towards stuff that has a little of both flavors (and attitudes) mixed in. I’ve never understood the mindset of people who seem to think they have to pick a side, and refuse to acknowledge anything that the other team has done. To me, if it sounds good, it sounds good — it doesn’t matter what you call it.

That’s why I don’t really get the attitude of the folks who maintain the Encyclopædia Metallum, who (from what I’ve heard) are very particular about genre classifications, and extremely selective about which bands they approve for inclusion in their archives. Almost entirely absent from that compendium of musical knowledge: anyone who would be considered more closely associated with the realms of hardcore or punk (including grindcore or crust) than what they consider “real” metal. Where exactly the line is drawn, though, isn’t always completely clear. For example, it seems Napalm Death qualified as exceptions to the rule, as did Motörhead, yet the Misfits seem to have been overlooked — despite being no less influential in the metal world than either of the others.

Anyway, I could go on rambling about this for the rest of the day (and I’d be glad to hear YOUR thoughts on the subject — just visit the comments section below, or hit the VoS Facebook page, whatever works for you), but I really came here just to share some new music with you. That would be the new EP by Strong Intention, Razorback Express — now available on 7″ vinyl through Patac Records!

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The “Signmeto” Unsigned Band of the Week: Patron Saint of Plagues


Hello there, readers!  Hope your day is going well — or at least, as well as a Monday can be expected. Even though I’m at work, I’m not in a terrible mood, which is pretty unusual for me. Maybe because I feel like I actually got some stuff accomplished over the weekend. More likely, I’m just (still) not awake enough to really feel anything yet. Well anyway, I don’t know about you, but I need some music while I work. Today (just like I do every Monday) I’m heading over to the “Sign Me to Roadrunner Records” website to look for something good, and then I’ll share whatever I find with you!

A short while ago, I got a message from a Canadian band called Patron Saint of Plagues, who describe themselves as “a twisted concoction of ominous tones and eerie melodies melded into dark story-tale like songwriting that touches on the very essence of the darkside of humanity and the terrifying thoughts that plague the mind of a psychopath.”

That, coupled with the photos of the quartet (guitarist Dead Boy, bassist Robbie Graves, drummer Bonez, and founder/frontman/vocalist/songwriter/guitarist Opi Saint) looking like a cross between The Spooky Kids and The Misfits on Halloween, definitely let me know that we’re in for a fun ride today.

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