Michale Graves – War of Information Tour Update + Drug Bust News

Good morning, my dear friends and faithful readers! I’ve got more news to report and more album reviews to share, and it’ll all get published eventually so bear with me — it just happens to be a pretty busy time of year for corporate office job slaves such as myself (what with everyone around me taking week-long vacations constantly, leaving me with piles of excess crap to deal with).

Anyway, I wanted to remind you about the Michale Graves “War of Information Tour” that’s still going on (read my earlier post about the tour here or just catch a summary of the remaining dates at the end of this one). Particularly for western or central Pennsylvania readers — note that there’s a stop in Altoona tonight, and once again The Cheats will be enlisted as an opening act!

While we’re on the subject, though, I also wanted to pass along a little tidbit of news (courtesy of Screaming Crow Records) that you might have missed hearing about…

UPDATE – 18 September 2012 – click here to see the latest additions to the War of Information Tour dates!


Michale Graves arrested for marijuana possession and misses El Paso, TX show.

While passing through a border check point in Kennedy County in the great state of Texas on Monday, July 23rd, Michale Graves was arrested for possession of 6 grams of marijuana. Graves was taken into custody by the Kingsville Sherriff’s department and charged with a misdemeanor. He was held overnight, missing the [24 July] El Paso show at Lips Lounge.

Graves was released Tuesday, the 24th at 4:00pm on a $750 bond. He must return to Texas to answer to the charges. The band [then drove] 20 straight hours to reach [the next night’s] show at the Silverdome in Lukachukai, AZ.

The cancellation of a show is always unfortunate, and Graves has said he hopes to make it up to the people of El Paso somehow. For those who might be curious, six grams is approximately 1/5 of an ounce. I have no idea how Texas law works, or whether it’s normal for possession of this quantity of an illegal substance to result in an overnight stay with the police department … maybe these particular officers were just a big fan of punk rock music, or Graves’ outspoken libertarian values, or both, and just wanted him to hang around a little longer?

Anyway, as promised, here are the remaining tour dates:

Michale Graves “War of Information” tour – remaining dates

Aug 16th @ Aldo’s in Altoona, PA (w/ The Cheats)

Aug 17th @ The Cup in Staten Island, NY

Aug 18th @ Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ

Aug 24th-26th @ Ron Paul Liberty Fest in Tampa, FL

Aug 30th @ The Higher Ground Ballroom in Burlington, VT (w/ River City Rebels)

Aug 31st @ The Dover Brickhouse in Dover, NH

Sep 1st @ Bogarts in Bridgewater, MA

Sep 2nd @The Trash Bar in Brooklyn, NY

Sep 28-29 @ Scarefest in Lexington, KY

Sep 30th @ 3rd St. Dive in Louisville, KY

*Dates subject to change.

Michale Graves: website, Facebook
Screaming Crow Records: website, Facebook


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