Rescheduled! MorgueMart CD Release Show on Black Friday


Click here for the official Facebook event page.

This was supposed to be going down last Saturday, but then some sort of last-minute problem came up and forced them to postpone.  Well, the party is back on and rescheduled for Black Friday night (November 25) at the 31st Street Pub in Pittsburgh.

$5 gets you in the door and also includes a free copy of the new MorgueMart disc.  Their debut, Ten Cent Cadaver, was an excellent slab of local (well, local to me- these guys hail from Charleroi, PA, just across the valley from here) grindy crusty punky awesome, so I’d highly recommend getting to this show if at all possible!  Unfortunately I will be out of town that weekend- already got my tickets for Korpiklaani and Arkona in Cleveland- or I’d be there for sure.  However, I’ll see what I need to do to snag myself a copy of the CD, so you can probably look forward to a review sometime in the near future.

For more information:
MorgueMart official page
MorgueMart on Facebook
31st Street Pub page
31st Street Pub Facebook page


Free Download Includes New Root Song, Chance to Win Upcoming Album!


Metal 1st, Metal Maniacs, and are known for putting out lots of quality compilations that they make available for free download.  You’d be doing yourself a great service by signing up for their e-mail list, because since May of this year they have consistently been releasing new collections of decent music each month.

Today marked the release of the next in this monthly series, and it includes material from upcoming releases by Black Tusk and Devil, among others.  However, the one that has me the most excited is the inclusion of a song (titled “Son of Satan”) from the forthcoming album Heritage of Satan (due November 9 from Agonia Records) by Czech thrashy-doomy-blackened metal band Root.

The news gets even better, though, because in addition to the free compilation, you also have the opportunity to enter to win a copy of Heritage of Satan when it comes out!  Just click here to visit the page where you can snag the download, get added to the mailing list for further updates, and also put your name in for the contest.

Breaking news!! Behemoth Have Sold Out.


According to a recent e-mail newsletter from Nuclear Blast, Polish black(ish) metal band Behemoth have officially sold out.

Click here for further details on this shocking announcement, including some related quotes from Adam Darski, one of the judges from the reality show/singing contest The Voice of Poland.

New Cynic Song has Me Feeling Very Cynical.


So it’s not often I see the interwebs so abuzz over an upcoming release, especially one that doesn’t have the words “Devin” or “Townsend” in the name, as they have been lately for the new EP Carbon-Based Anatomy, by Cynic (due 11/11/11 on Season of Mist).

I just got done listening to the advance sample, the title track — which was made available for free download (here) earlier this week — and I haven’t quit yawning yet.  I can’t believe how bent-out-of-shape folks have been about Opeth‘s latest being too un-metal or whatever (stay tuned for a separate post on that whole situation, coming soon), and yet people are somehow all frothing at the mouth for this?

Now, I’m fully aware that I’m too old and out-of-touch to really understand most current musical fads, but here is a band that has been around (off and on) for the past twenty-four years, and reportedly is now considered some sort of “progressive death metal fusion” hybrid (according to the Encyclopaedia Metallum).  I don’t really know what this song was, but I feel like I’ve been robbed of the past six-and-a-half minutes of my life.  I haven’t heard this much ‘pretty boy’ singing, synthy electronic ambience, and particularly, such an absence of anything metallic, since the last couple Muse albums.  I’m pretty sure my wife would adore this, and I don’t mean that in a good way.

Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it (just ask LeVar Burton), so feel free to give it a spin using the link up above, and if by some chance this really floats your boat, you can pre-order the CD here, or pre-order the digital download here.