Winter’s Wake Winterview: Liquified Guts


Hey, folks! The first night of Winter’s Wake 2013 is just a few more hours away! There are a ton of incredible bands (well, six) playing tonight, this is a show you will NOT want to miss.

Here’s another band interview for you, this time I spoke with the bassist from Liquified Guts, Justin Gizzi. In case you were wondering, yes that is the same person who plays bass for Nomad Queen. Here’s what he told me when we talked about this band:

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Git Ahtta Tahn! (Your VOS Travel Guide for 5 October 2012)

For those not native to the Pittsburgh area, or in general, for anyone who doesn’t speak fluent Pittsburghese — this article’s title can be literally translated into English as “Get Out of Town,” a phrase which has two different meanings in the local dialect.

The first is an idiomatic expression, used in response to someone who has said something surprising or unbelievable, equivalent to “are you serious?” or “no way!”; the second usage would be if you were actually telling somebody to leave the city.

In this context, I’m intending the second meaning: I’ve got a couple shows to tell you about, each of which features a Pittsburgh-area band, but either one would require a little bit of driving to attend (about 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 hours from here). 

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What To Do In The Pittsburgh Area This Weekend (07-08 September 2012)


Punk/Hardcore Show in Charleroi… featuring:

Consumed with Hatred, Scattergun, Meaning in the Static, The Lady and the Monsters, and Flesh Addict


at the Charleroi VFW

609 McKean Ave, Charleroi PA


Friday 07 September 2012 | 6:00pm | $5 | all ages (21+ with valid ID to drink)

Hardcore band Consumed with Hatred from Baltimore is coming to visit the Mon Valley, appearing tonight with Pittsburgh punks Scattergun, horror punk band MITS from Mon City,
California (PA) punk band The Lady and the Monsters, and finally, crust/grinders Flesh Addict from Belle Vernon!

It’s a lot of bands for one billing, but things get underway pretty early — 6pm — so come on down! Once again, the name of the game is no drugs, no violence, no drama; respect the venue, respect each other, have fun!!

RSVP here. Or even if you aren’t able to make it to the show tonight, check out the page anyway — it’s my first-ever attempt at creating a Facebook event! (Note: Valley of Steel is not affiliated with the booking or organizing of this show, just trying to do my part to help spread the word!)




Castle Blood Reunion Show!

with Rabid Reason and Lythem


at the 31st Street Pub

3101 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh (end of the Strip @ 31st St. Bridge)


Friday 07 September 2012 | 10:00pm | 21+ only

Here’s a show that should need very little in the way of introduction: Pittsburgh’s legendary hardcore/crossover metal band from the late 80’s, Castle Blood, is reuniting, and hitting the Pub tonight! Joining them will be Rabid Reason from Kent, Ohio, as well as Pittsburgh’s own Lythem.

RSVP for this historic event here and here.




Liquified Guts Sour Cream and Phibes Album Release Show!

with special guests Castle Blood, MorgueMart, and Lady Beast!


at Gooski’s Bar

3117 Brereton Street, Pittsburgh (Polish Hill)


Saturday 08 September 2012 | 9:00pm | $5

Come celebrate the release of Liquified Guts‘ brand-new full-length album — feast your eyes on the 70’s AM radio inspired cover (pictured below), then feast your ears on the putrid hideousness lurking within! Plus, get another chance to see the newly reunited Castle Blood (if, for example, you find yourself attending a different show Friday night), along with the incredible talents of MorgueMart and Lady Beast! Just $5 to get in the door!


What To Do In Pittsburgh Tonight (5 September 2012)


Drusky Entertainment Presents:


Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine

with Scattergun, MorgueMart, and The Lady and the Monsters


at the Altar Bar

1620 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh (Strip District)


Wednesday 05 September 2012 | 7:00PM Show / 6:00PM Doors

$15 Adv / $17 at door | All Ages

Alright folks, you know who Jello Biafra is — former Dead Kennedys frontman, who went on to invent pudding pops, and then embarked on a long solo career that has involved a combination of spoken word and music projects.

Some time later, Biafra formed a band called Jello Biafra and the Axis of Merry Evildoers with guitarist Ralph Spight, drummer Jon Weiss, and basist Billy Gould. With the addition of second guitarist Kimo Ball, the band was renamed Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine.

Fast forward a couple more years, Jon’s brother Andrew Weiss has replaced Gould, who went back to doing the Faith No More thing, and now the band is on tour, with a stop in Pittsburgh tonight!

Joining them at the Altar Bar will be Pittsburgh’s own Scattergun and Charleroi’s MorgueMart (both of whom put on shows that come highly recommended by this blogger!) as well as The Lady and the Monsters (a punk band, who I don’t really know anything about — yet — besides the fact that they come from California, PA).

Buy tickets from Ticketfly here, get more information from Drusky Entertainment here, then RSVP to the Facebook events here and here.

Upcoming Shows: What To Do In (And Around) Pittsburgh This Weekend (27-29 July 2012)

What’s up, readers!??

Pittsburgh metal. Good stuff. FREE. Read about it, download it. You won’t regret it, and I won’t stop bugging you until you do it. Seriously.

A whole bunch of the bands who have songs on that comp are playing shows this weekend, along with a whole bunch of other bands. If you’re in the Pittsburgh region over the next couple days, you’ll want to pay attention because here’s your guide to what awesomeness you might have missed if I wasn’t here to help you out!

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Upcoming Shows: What To Do In Pittsburgh This Weekend (19-22 April 2012)

Hello again, readers.  To paraphrase a certain local musician’s recent post on Facebook, there are like 8,000 killer shows taking place right here in Pittsburgh this month!   It seemed like about half of those were taking place last weekend (see here for a summary of those), but there are tons more going on this week too!  Some big names, and some not-so-big but who have been talked about frequently on this very blog… details below.
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Just Released: MorgueMart – Skeleton of the American Dream

MorgueMartSkeleton of the American Dream (Deadslab Records, 25 November 2011)


At a time when the world of heavy music is bemoaning so many of its heroes falling from grace, whether that means abandoning any remaining metal characteristics in favor of a hard rock sound (sometimes not even all that hard, either!), watering everything down with shitty electro-industrial garbage, or trying to spice things up by adding the semi-coherent ramblings of an aging beat-poet, it can sometimes be a refreshing change of pace to see some consistency.

Skeleton of the American Dream, the latest release from Charleroi (PA, USA) grind/crust/punk band MorgueMart, literally picks up where its predecessor, 2008’s Ten Cent Cadavers, left off. Continue reading

Rescheduled! MorgueMart CD Release Show on Black Friday


Click here for the official Facebook event page.

This was supposed to be going down last Saturday, but then some sort of last-minute problem came up and forced them to postpone.  Well, the party is back on and rescheduled for Black Friday night (November 25) at the 31st Street Pub in Pittsburgh.

$5 gets you in the door and also includes a free copy of the new MorgueMart disc.  Their debut, Ten Cent Cadaver, was an excellent slab of local (well, local to me- these guys hail from Charleroi, PA, just across the valley from here) grindy crusty punky awesome, so I’d highly recommend getting to this show if at all possible!  Unfortunately I will be out of town that weekend- already got my tickets for Korpiklaani and Arkona in Cleveland- or I’d be there for sure.  However, I’ll see what I need to do to snag myself a copy of the CD, so you can probably look forward to a review sometime in the near future.

For more information:
MorgueMart official page
MorgueMart on Facebook
31st Street Pub page
31st Street Pub Facebook page