Git Ahtta Tahn! (Your VOS Travel Guide for 5 October 2012)

For those not native to the Pittsburgh area, or in general, for anyone who doesn’t speak fluent Pittsburghese — this article’s title can be literally translated into English as “Get Out of Town,” a phrase which has two different meanings in the local dialect.

The first is an idiomatic expression, used in response to someone who has said something surprising or unbelievable, equivalent to “are you serious?” or “no way!”; the second usage would be if you were actually telling somebody to leave the city.

In this context, I’m intending the second meaning: I’ve got a couple shows to tell you about, each of which features a Pittsburgh-area band, but either one would require a little bit of driving to attend (about 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 hours from here). 



Solarburn (Pittsburgh, PA)

with Black Mass Confession (Charleston, WV) and Disillusion Effect (Morgantown, WV)


at 123 Pleasant Street

123 Pleasant Street, Morgantown WV


Friday 05 October 2012 | doors 9:00pm, show 10:00 | $5




Gorefiend Promotions Presents:

Radiation Sickness (Indianapolis, IN)

with MorgueMart (Charleroi, PA) and Nekrofilth (Cleveland, OH)


at The Dark Room Bar

1100 Royalton Road, Broadview Hts OH


Friday 05 October 2012 | 9:00pm | FREE


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