VOS Videography 2013: A Mid-Year Retrospective (Part 10)



Belvederes Ultra-Dive (Lawrenceville / Pittsburgh, PA), 22 March 2013

This was quite an interesting show: as originally conceived, they were going to set up four bands in the four corners of the room, with the audience in the center. Each band would take turns playing one song at a time. Well, once they got all the equipment in there, they realized that there wouldn’t be much room for anyone to watch, so they changed it so that two bands would set up and play, and then the other two bands. At the end, both in the original line-up and in what eventually transpired, Oh Shit They’re Going to Kill Us played a set by themselves, up on the stage.

Come Holy Spirit – “Bywater”, followed by Flora Fauna – “Ithaca”

Liebestod followed by Nomad Queen

Oh Shit They’re Going to Kill Us – “Survival is a Dying Art” and “Combat Shock”


Slaves BC rehearsal space (Bellevue / Pittsburgh, PA), 24 March 2013

These guys were supposed to play a show on this particular evening, but due to faulty communication or some such thing, that ended up falling through. Not to be discouraged, the band adjourned to its basement rehearsal space, with everyone who’d showed up to see them…

“Everything Under the Sun” (B&W video)

“Everything Under the Sun (color video)

“Lucifer Bound”

“The Four Horsemen: Wild Hunt”

“Everything is Meaningless”

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Winter’s Wake Winterview: Liquified Guts


Hey, folks! The first night of Winter’s Wake 2013 is just a few more hours away! There are a ton of incredible bands (well, six) playing tonight, this is a show you will NOT want to miss.

Here’s another band interview for you, this time I spoke with the bassist from Liquified Guts, Justin Gizzi. In case you were wondering, yes that is the same person who plays bass for Nomad Queen. Here’s what he told me when we talked about this band:

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Winter’s Wake Winterview: Nomad Queen


Just a few more hours to go until Winter’s Wake 2013 officially kicks off with the Thursday night pre-fest show! So here’s an interview with one of tonight’s bands!!

As I’ve been doing all along, since there have been so many different bands to talk to, I’m keeping these relatively short and sweet. There should be just enough here for you (the reader) to get a bit of background info about each band’s history, and enough so that you can get excited about seeing every single one of them this weekend!

For this “Winterview” I talked to Justin Gizzi, who plays bass in Nomad Queen

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Winter’s Wake Winterview: Derkéta


Hello, it’s time for another Winter’s Wake band interview!

I’ll repeat once more: with so many people to talk to, I tried to keep these short and sweet — just enough for you (the reader) to get a sense of each band’s history, to learn a little about where they came from and what they’re doing now, so that you can be as excited about seeing all of them as I am!

This time, I exchanged some words with vocalist/guitarist Sharon Bascovsky from Derkéta

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Winter’s Wake 2013 Presented By Allure of the Earth


So all the final details for this year’s Winter’s Wake festival are finally here! The venues, scheduled bands, and ticketing information all have been announced, and I’ve collected all of it right here for you!


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Winter’s Wake Thursday Pre-Fest Show


*** NOTE: ALL THE FINAL DETAILS FOR THE WINTER’S WAKE FESTIVAL HAVE BEEN COLLECTED AT THIS LOCATION: https://valleyofsteel.net/2013/01/28/winters-wake-2013-presented-by-allure-of-the-earth/ ***




So are you excited yet!?? The Winter’s Wake festival will be taking place in exactly ONE MONTH, right here in Pittsburgh!

Venue and ticket information will be released for the two-day show later this week. (I know, it seems like we’ve been waiting a long time for these details, but I’ve learned that the folks who run the production company sponsoring the event, Allure of the Earth, have been dealing with a sudden tragedy in their family — so I think we can certainly forgive a bit of a delay…)

Anyway, the full list of bands playing on Friday and Saturday (the 22nd-23rd of February) were announced last month, so really all we’re still waiting for is the exact schedule order for each day, as well as where and when we can get tickets…

…plus the details for the Thursday night show!
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What To Do In Pittsburgh Tonight (02 November 2012)

Hello out there! It’s been quite a wet and wild week, but the end is finally in sight!

It’s Friday, and the weekend is nearly here — which of course brings with it plenty of opportunities to get out there and check out some shows, right? Of course it does.

And I’ve got some pretty good shit to share with you, happening tonight, right here in Pittsburgh! You might want to hold onto your hat…

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