Winter’s Wake Thursday Pre-Fest Show






So are you excited yet!?? The Winter’s Wake festival will be taking place in exactly ONE MONTH, right here in Pittsburgh!

Venue and ticket information will be released for the two-day show later this week. (I know, it seems like we’ve been waiting a long time for these details, but I’ve learned that the folks who run the production company sponsoring the event, Allure of the Earth, have been dealing with a sudden tragedy in their family — so I think we can certainly forgive a bit of a delay…)

Anyway, the full list of bands playing on Friday and Saturday (the 22nd-23rd of February) were announced last month, so really all we’re still waiting for is the exact schedule order for each day, as well as where and when we can get tickets…

…plus the details for the Thursday night show!

Yes, you read that right — at some point during the past few weeks, Allure of the Earth decided to add on a smaller preview show which will be taking place on Thursday (21 February 2013)! I’ve got the announced line-up for that right here — and it’s got plenty to be excited about, too!


Winter’s Wake Thursday Pre-Fest Show Lineup:


  • Drones for Queens (Philadelphia, PA)
    Personally, I’m really glad to see this name here. I discovered these guys a few months ago when they were originally supposed to be coming to Pittsburgh — I found their EP on Bandcamp, and thought it was really good, so I was looking forward to seeing them — but then that date got rescheduled in a different city. I wrote (briefly) about the EP and that tour anyway, but it’s great to see they’re finally making their way here!
  • Brown Angel (Pittsburgh)
    Here’s an interesting twist: a band that no longer exists. Brown Angel called it quits last year — to many, many people’s dismay — followed by one last album (Agonal Harvest) which was released at the very end of December. Well, in celebration of that release, the band will be doing a one-time-only performance at this Winter’s Wake Pre-Fest show, so this may be your only chance to see them ever again — don’t miss it!

  • Nomad Queen (Pittsburgh)
    Without a Facebook or Myspace or any other sort of page (that I could find), it isn’t so easy to come by information about these folks. But I don’t give up so easily — and I want to make sure I’m able to keep you readers as informed as possible! Here is a brief write-up on the band and its members that I found, courtesy of Smoldering Forge.
  • Dendritic Arbor (Pittsburgh)
    Basically, an angry, black/noise reinterpretation of Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax. Or something like that. Check them out right here.

The Facebook event page with the most current details about all three days of Winter’s Wake:
Your destination for all things Allure of the Earth:


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