Drones for Queens Hitting the Road This Weekend / Free EP Download!

When I heard the name Drones for Queens, my immediate thought was that there are two different directions this band might be taking. On one hand, they could specialize in slow, drawn-out, ambient, meditative music that’s specifically targeted to homosexuals. The other possibility is that the name refers to worker bees who devote their entire lives to serving those at the top of the social hierarchy — perhaps using this concept as a metaphor for the conflict between the proletariat and bourgeoisie classes in human society.

Then, a quick peek at the cover art from their recent EP Health (see above) led me to believe that perhaps the second case was more likely.

But you can hear for yourself — in person, if you happen to live near the spots in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Virginia where the band will be making appearances over the next few days (starting with a hometown show in Philadelphia tonight) — or if it turns out you aren’t able to make it to any of these, you can still download your very own copy of Health for any amount you choose to pay!

First, here’s some more information on these guys, courtesy of Catharsis PR:

The two-man outfit is comprised of brothers Shane and Evan Madden (also of Rifflifter Touring) who spent years exploring the realms of doom and black metal in bands like Woods of Ypres, Woe, and The Green Evening Requiem before succumbing to a mutual desire to make raw, real, pissed off music. The result? Four tracks of virulent, noisy, thrashy grindcore, spat out with DIY fury but backed by label-hardened savvy; Health is fast, furious, and fucking intense. Recorded and mixed by Brian McKay at Audiolux in Philadelphia and Audiolab in Millville, New Jersey and mastered by Dan O’Hare, Health is a shotgun blast echoing out into a stale scene.





September 20, 2012 – JR’s
2327 Croskey St, Philadelphia PA 19145
With Drugs of Faith, Nightfall, Pissheads, Occult 45

September 21, 2012 – Tobacco Road
355 West 41st St & 9th Ave, New York NY 10036
With Drugs of Faith, Spirit of Saint Louis, Mother Brain

September 22, 2012 – J Walker’s Tavern
1 Garfield Ave, Clementon NJ 08021
With Drugs of Faith, more TBA

September 23, 2012 – Strange Matter
929 W Grace St, Richmond VA 23220
With Drugs of Faith, Caves Caverns, Mutwawa, Flesh Control

NOTE: The last two dates listed here (the 22nd and 23rd) have been moved from the originally scheduled locations — when first announced, this tour was hitting Pittsburgh PA and Harrisonburg VA; however, the list above reflects the most current and accurate information to the best of my knowledge.

In any case, get your recommended daily allowance of harsh, noisy, grindy, spastic, epileptic, vitriolic goodness here — four tracks, thirteen minutes, filled with rage against all sorts of systemic failures — yours absolutely FREE (or you can pay whatever your favorite number happens to be)…

Drones for Queens: Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp
Rifflifter Touring: website


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