Vesperia Searching for a New Guitarist (Plus, a Preview of their Upcoming Live DVD!)

Canadian Celtic/Viking metal band Vesperia are definitely not strangers to change. In fact, as you may recall, it was just a few months ago that they announced they had undergone a metamorphosis and rebirth with a brand-new name (they had formerly been known as Bolero).

Well, the winds of change just keep on blowing, it appears, because the band is now announcing that they are looking to replace a guitarist.

In the words of bassist/lead vocalist Morgan Rider,

Hey guys,

It really sucks to have to be typing this and we never thought in a million years we would be doing so… Change has been a defining word for Vesperia in 2012 and so far we have held our heads high and kept our sights in the clouds with all these testing changes and new commitments we have been taking on each week that would have normally seen a band dissolve. Aspiring for the greater purpose with our music and selves has always been our focus.

Our comrade, lead guitarist and brother-in-arms, Tim, has recently felt that in his and the band’s best interest he must hang his hat on guitar duties for Vesperia. There is no tension or bad blood between any of us and him business-wise or personal whatsoever and we will carry on feeling the mutual respect and brotherhood we’ve always had for each other.

Tim has been in the band since the summer of 2008 when we put on the 2nd annual Boonie Fest in Clarington, Ontario and we eagerly asked him into our ranks. It quickly became apparent we made a smart fucking move. Since then, he had seen every single up and down being in a band has had to offer. We’ve worn animal furs, fake blood and war paint at live shows and in Burger King. We’ve single-handedly terrorized sleepy villages all across Ontario with lightning-quick wits and hearty jests. We’ve recorded and released 3 CDs, 1 music video and a live DVD with him, played with so many of our favourite bands and inspirations all over the province with him, travelled thousands upon thousands of miles for rehearsals, shows, recording and destroyed thousands upon thousands of beers with this fine fellow. I can almost remember the sights and scents of Beer Can Mountain in our old jamspace and the rope-swinging manoever to clear it…

We’re more than pleased to have had this awesome dude in our band and we’ll always support him on his endeavours in the future in whatever he chooses to do because he’s our brother and that’s just what brothers fucking do. Thank you Tim for all the amazing work and contributions over the years. Pints Held High brother!
So with this announcement, we will obviously be searching for a new guitar player and be holding auditions as the summer grinds to a close. The autumn season will be seeing us entering the studio to record our next full length album (a Vesperia first!) so we’ll be looking to span the gap relatively quick. Here is a short list of requirements if you may be interested:

– 19+ years of age
– valid driver’s license and passport (we have American shows coming up)
– show and rehearsal-ready equipment with at least 1 back up guitar (for you string-popping glories)
– flexible to rehearse once or twice a week and play shows regularly
– a source of income
– live experience is a must, as is studio experience
– owning a vehicle isn’t a must, but it’d be cool

If you or anyone you know might be interested, please email

It’s a shame to hear news like this, especially considering how much the band has accomplished recently, and how much they have coming up on the horizon, but hopefully all will turn out well for them!

Their debut EP (well, their debut as Vesperia) The Swordsman has been discussed at length on this blog in the recent past (and it continues to be freely downloadable here).

The “For the Glory of the Swordsman” tour celebrating that EP’s release culminated in a performance in Toronto on 15 June which was filmed by Ax Media Studios, and is being released on DVD very shortly…

Rider said,

We are very excited to reveal our first-ever live DVD that we filmed in our very own hometown of Toronto on our last tour.

For anyone who has not been able to see one of our live performances, this will give them a unique opportunity to see the primal nature behind a Vesperia performance; fully equipped with a high-end lighting rig and in high definition!

The band has shared a few video clips from the upcoming DVD, which they’re calling Untamed in Toronto:

“With Omens of Sorrow”

“Forsaken Shores”


“The Swordsman”

The band says they plan on making the DVD available by this fall, so keep an eye out! And don’t forget to spread the word about their search for a guitarist, if you know anyone in the Toronto area!

Vesperia: Facebook, Youtube, Bandcamp
Ax Media: website


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