I Can Has Videos?


So here’s something pretty neat. I was playing with this over the weekend and announced it all over Facebook, but if you aren’t one of the select few that get to see my posts in your news feed — or even worse, if you somehow forgot to “like” my page in the first place! — I figure I ought to say something about it here, too.

So there’s officially a Valley of Steel Youtube channel now.

Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/user/valleyofsteelDOTnet/videos. There’s just a handful of videos there so far, but feel free to subscribe to it, because my plan is to continue adding performances from all the great bands and shows I’m constantly telling you about.



First of all, I moved the Meth Quarry videos here. These were taken at the band’s second-ever show, at Garfield Artworks on 28 December 2012. That show also featured Moths and Cerebral Apophysis, and ranked among the top ten shows I saw in 2012. If you haven’t seen the interview I did with Meth Quarry, check it out here.


“Crash Anthem”


These next videos were taken at The Smiling Moose on 17 January 2013. The show that evening featured Slaves BC (read more about them here), Supervoid (read more about them here), and Jar’d Loose who were visiting from Chicago. All three bands were great and totally worth seeing, but we only managed to record a few Slaves BC songs…

“Hide Us, O Death” and “Lucifer Bound”

“Everything Under the Sun”


The next night, Solarburn headlined at Howlers. Their album 13 was my favorite thing that got released in all of 2012, and you can read the review of it right here if you haven’t yet. There were three other bands at that show, too, and I’ve got samples of each of them to show you.

First, here’s Vie Boheme with her rendition of “Tell Me Something Good”:

Then there was Theia Collides — this song was called “Last Song”:

Disillusion Effect came from Morgantown, WV — here’s “Delusional Fortress”:

And then finally the main attraction, Solarburn — since their entire set just sort of runs together without any breaks, this video contains the whole 38 minute-long performance:

Hope you enjoy these, and keep checking back, because there are plenty more shows on the horizon that I’m really looking forward to…


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