Hail Spirit Noir Sign with Agonia Records, New Album Coming Soon!


Here’s some news that just popped into the Valley of Steel inbox: Greek psychoexperimental black-ish-metal sextet (more on that later) Hail Spirit Noir have a new deal with Poland’s Agonia Records, with a new album planned in just a few months!

This is especially exciting considering that each of the band’s first three albums (Pneuma, Oi Magoi, and Mayhem in Blue) all found their way onto our best-of lists for 2012, 2014, and 2016 respectively. So needless to say, our expectations will be high for this new one…


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Kongh: New Album Details + Pre-Orders Now Available


Hello again, folks. You might not remember, but last summer I was happy to report that Kongh, Swedish titans of heavy doom, had signed a deal with Polish label Agonia Records — and especially excited about the news that the band was working on a new album, their third overall!

Well, I haven’t forgotten — I’ve been excited about that news in the several months since then, and I’m glad to say, my most-anticipated album of 2013 is finally almost here!

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Feast Your Eyes (and Ears) On These!

Hello there. It’s Monday morning. It’ll be a shorter week than usual, for me, because I’ve got a couple vacation days leading into the three-day holiday weekend (Labor Day is Monday in the U.S.A.). So, I suppose the knowledge that I’ll only have to suffer through a few days (rather than a whole week) makes it easier to bear, but it doesn’t change the fact that it’s Monday morning.

So the best thing to do, that I can think of, is to go grab a cup of coffee, and blast some music into our ears until we can’t feel feelings anymore. I like my metal like I like my coffee: black, and strong enough to tear your soul apart.


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Congratulations: Kongh Signs to Agonia Records


Although I only discovered them about a year ago, Sweden’s Kongh quickly became one of my favorite new bands.  Their brutally heavy, almost aggravatingly slow, brand of sludgey, droney post-doom really resonated with me from the first time I heard a track from their 2007 debut Counting Heartbeats.  Sadly, as much as I love that album (it can be streamed/downloaded on Bandcamp), I haven’t seen it available on CD anywhere.

However, I did snatch up a copy of its follow-up, 2009’s Shadows of the Shapeless, which was released in North America through Seventh Rule Recordings, as soon as I saw it at my local record store.  That’s an incredible album as well, so I am beyond excited to learn that they are nearly ready to begin recording a third album!

That announcement came yesterday (Wednesday, 13 June) morning, along with information about the band’s new record deal…

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Free Download Includes New Root Song, Chance to Win Upcoming Album!


Metal 1st, Metal Maniacs, and Metalhit.com are known for putting out lots of quality compilations that they make available for free download.  You’d be doing yourself a great service by signing up for their e-mail list, because since May of this year they have consistently been releasing new collections of decent music each month.

Today marked the release of the next in this monthly series, and it includes material from upcoming releases by Black Tusk and Devil, among others.  However, the one that has me the most excited is the inclusion of a song (titled “Son of Satan”) from the forthcoming album Heritage of Satan (due November 9 from Agonia Records) by Czech thrashy-doomy-blackened metal band Root.

The news gets even better, though, because in addition to the free compilation, you also have the opportunity to enter to win a copy of Heritage of Satan when it comes out!  Just click here to visit the page where you can snag the download, get added to the mailing list for further updates, and also put your name in for the contest.