Free Download Includes New Root Song, Chance to Win Upcoming Album!


Metal 1st, Metal Maniacs, and are known for putting out lots of quality compilations that they make available for free download.  You’d be doing yourself a great service by signing up for their e-mail list, because since May of this year they have consistently been releasing new collections of decent music each month.

Today marked the release of the next in this monthly series, and it includes material from upcoming releases by Black Tusk and Devil, among others.  However, the one that has me the most excited is the inclusion of a song (titled “Son of Satan”) from the forthcoming album Heritage of Satan (due November 9 from Agonia Records) by Czech thrashy-doomy-blackened metal band Root.

The news gets even better, though, because in addition to the free compilation, you also have the opportunity to enter to win a copy of Heritage of Satan when it comes out!  Just click here to visit the page where you can snag the download, get added to the mailing list for further updates, and also put your name in for the contest.


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