Upcoming Shows – Don’t Miss Molasses Barge!


Pittsburgh’s own Molasses Barge is kind of a recent discovery for me.  I had become aware of them a while back by virtue of the fact that singer Brian ‘Butch’ Balich is also the frontman for the fucking awesome Pennsylvanian doom band Argus.  But, I hadn’t actually heard them until this August when I saw them open up for Pentagram.

In a clear case of truth-in-advertising, Molasses Barge sound just like how something with such a name should sound.  The main thing that struck me as I witnessed this sludgey beast in action was the setup drummer Wayne Massey was using.  He seemed to have all the drum and cymbal hardware adjusted to the lowest possible height, so that it was all barely above the level of his throne.  In this way, he constantly seemed to be hunched over the kit, throwing everything he had into a downward motion as he struck each beat.  While it seems this would take a lot out of a person – in fact, before the second song began, Massey had already cast aside the t-shirt he’d begun the set with, and also by this time he was looking as though he might have benefitted from a jug of water like the one Butch was constantly taking swigs from between sections of vocals – nevertheless the technique was very effective in laying down a thundrously driving rhythm underneath the rest of the band.

Guitarists Justin Gizzi and Ken Houser mainly hung off to their respective sides of the stage, out of the spotlight, but their combined crunchy riffs and melodic soloing built a substantial wall of noise that more than made their presence felt.  And Butch sort of bounced around the area between the two guitarists,with an imposing presence and also very impressive singing; meanwhile, occupying whatever real estate the vocalist had vacated at any given moment, Amy Bianco sort of meandered through the middle of it all, offering up basslines that similarly filled the empty sonic space between the others.

Of course, I can say all the words in the world describing the show these folks put on, but nothing would help you envision the experience as much as an actual video of the event.  Well fortunately, some kind soul recorded the show I saw, and then made it available on Youtube for all who had missed it.

Part One | Part Two

Anyway, now you pretty much know all you need to know, in order to know that you need to get out there and see this band live, as soon as possible!  And you are in luck, because over the next few weeks you’ll have not one, but TWO opportunities to do so – as long as you are fortunate enough to be within driving distance of the greater Pittsburgh area.  See below for descriptions and details for each of the upcoming shows.

Molasses Barge on Facebook

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The first show has the band opening for a couple national touring acts who should need no introduction for any fan of doom metal: Premonition 13 (one of the newest of Scott ‘Wino‘ Weinrich’s several dozen musical projects) and The Gates of Slumber!  When it was first announced that these awesome bands would be touring together, AND that they’d be visiting the Burgh, it was already a can’t-miss show.  But then tacking on a local support act of such high caliber, well that just rises to a greater degree of awesomeness.

This is all going down Tuesday, November 15th, at the 31st Street Pub in Pittsburgh.  Ages 21+, starts at 9pm.  Tickets in advance (contact venue for details) are $10 or $12 at the door.

Click here to view the Facebook event

Premonition 13 official website
Premonition 13 on Facebook
Wino on Facebook
The Gates of Slumber on Facebook
31st Street Pub official website
31st Street Pub on Facebook

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Then, on Saturday, December 10th, the band will be headlining a benefit show to support the second Iron Atrocity compilation.

Hit up http://www.ironatrocity.com/ to download Volume 1, if you haven’t already!  This comp was put together by the good folks at Innervenus, and highlights a variety of contributors to the Pittsburgh area metal scene.  It’s available to download, free of charge, from the website – or for those who prefer, you can snag a free copy on CD just by asking one of the included bands at a show or event!

The Iron Atrocity Volume 2 benefit show is ages 21+, at Howlers Coyote Cafe in Pittsburgh.  It starts at 9pm, and any donation of $5 or more will get you in the door.

Click here to view the Facebook event

Iron Atrocity on Facebook
Innervenus official website
Innervenus on Facebook
Howlers Coyote Cafe official website
Howlers Coyote Cafe on Facebook


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