The Blackout Cookout 7 (August 2016, Kent OH)


The Blackout Cookout 7

at The Outpost Concert Club

4962 State Route 43, Kent, Ohio 44240

Saturday, 13 August 2016

For ticket information and other details:


The full line-up for this annual Ohio music and bbq party has been announced:

  • Black Black Black
  • ** ***
  • The Ravenna Arsenal
  • Matter of Planets
  • Sofa King Killer
  • The Great Iron Snake
  • Bridesmaid
  • Fuck You Pay Me
  • Horseburner
  • supercorrupter
  • Axioma
  • Hadak Ura
  • Something is Waiting
  • Trash Mountain

UPDATE #1: Black Black Black had been part of the announced line-up for this show but had to drop out.
UPDATE #2: Due to health issues concerning The Ravenna Arsenal bassist Bill Govan, those guys will unfortunately be unable to perform.
UPDATE #3: It has been announced that the Ohioan instrumental heavy-psychedelic-stoner band Matter of Planets have been added to the show.
UPDATE #4: For those who know Bill personally, or just for anyone who wants to help out a really great guy who’s going through some rough stuff at the moment, a GoFundme campaign has been set up here.
UPDATE #4a: Apparently there is some sort of issue with the way the GoFundMe page had been set up, and it has been taken down temporarily. I’ll update again if I hear any news about when it has been fixed.

The nice folks of Supercorrupter have taken it upon themselves to write up a detailed and informative preview of all of those bands on their blog (here), so be sure to go check that out!


* * * * * * *


Meanwhile, I figured I’d share some stuff from the time we made the voyage to Kent for this all-day rager, which was BOCO 4 back in August 2013, just to kind of give you an idea what you can expect.

For those who haven’t been to the Outpost, it’s a pretty spacious vaguely L-shaped space, with two separate stages at opposite ends. This allows a band to get everything set up so they’re ready to start playing immediately after the last one has finished. Subtracting all those half-hour pauses for loading and unloading, everything seemed to run much more smoothly. Plus the sound quality was pretty much impeccable from anywhere within the open floor area between the stages.

Of course, that many hours of non-stop rocking can be a bit much to handle without a break now and then, which is why it’s nice to be able to adjourn to the large outdoor deck where a variety of smoked meats and side dishes were being served — as much as you want, and it’s all included with your ticket price. You only have to buy your own drinks, from either of the venue’s bars.

Feel free to browse through our photo album from that day, and finally I’ll leave you with these videos from that year’s performers (some of which have been annual fixtures at the Cookout and will be there again this year): The Ravenna Arsenal, ** ***, Vulture (#1), Vulture (#2), Mockingbird, DeathCrawl, Fully Consumed, Venomin James, Lycosa, Showboy.


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