More Saille News…


And here’s an update regarding the upcoming Saille album…

I just told you two weeks ago that the Belgian black metal band had pretty much wrapped up working on their second album — the follow-up to 2011’s Irreversible Decay, but now I have several more tidbits of information to disseminate to you lucky bastards!

First of all, I mentioned before that the artwork for the album’s cover was being designed by Polish landscape artist Michal Karcz. Well, that’s been completed and is now ready to be revealed to you — in fact, it’s that lovely green mountain fortress up at the top of this page.

But that’s not all….


Saille has also revealed the title and track listing for the new album. If you paid careful attention to the cover art above, then you were probably able to figure out that the album is to be called Ritu. But here is the list of tracks to be included in the release:

01. Blood Libel
02. Subcutaneous Terror
03. Fhtagn
04. Upon the Idol of Crona
05. Sati
06. A Titan’s Sacrifice
07. Haunter of the Dark
08. Runaljod
09. Ritual Descent

Altogether, the album is expected to run about 47 minutes. The official release via Code666 Records is planned for the 18th of January 2013.

Ritu album trailer:


Saille: website, Facebook
Code666: website, Facebook
Morbid Management: website, Facebook


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