Mortuary Drape Studio Update

Hello and good morning! Who wants some good news?

How about this: the Italian blackened death metal band Mortuary Drape is nearly finished working on their new album — their first since 2004, and (if my math is correct) their fifth overall in a career that spans all the way back to the late 1980s!

Did you know Mortuary Drape was working on a new album? If not, then you do now! Throughout the month of October, they were updating their website with studio reports about how things were progressing — and it appears that the recording phase has been completed for pretty much everything except the vocals.

If you aren’t excited about the idea of getting some new material from these guys soon, then you probably just haven’t heard them yet. Try this on for size. Then take a peek below, where I’ve assembled a selection of photos from their various updates over the past few weeks — and keep your eyes right here, because I’ll be sure to let you know when I’ve learned any more details about the upcoming album!

Wildness Perversion: Drums recorded in August 2012


S.C. – 28 September 2012, bass recorded


D.C. – 29-30 September 2012, rhythm and clean guitar parts recorded

S.R. – 05-06 October 2012, rhythm guitar parts recorded


S.R. – 05-06 October 2012, solos recorded

D.C. – has finished recording guitar parts for the new Mortuary Drape album …… now we are waiting for Wildness Perversion to complete the drafting of the vocals.

Marco Sburlati – 23 October 2012, intro parts recorded


Marco Sburlati – 23 October 2012, keyboard parts recorded

Mortuary Drape: website, Facebook, Myspace


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