Get Yourself Some FREE Pittsburgh Metal: Innervenus Music Collective – Iron Atrocity v.2


Innervenus Music CollectiveIron Atrocity v.2 (Innervenus Music, 03 August 2012)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past nine months, or have never ever seen a post on this blog before, chances are you’ve heard me talking about the Iron Atrocity project. This is purely a labor of love by the wonderful folks who run the Innervenus Music Collective, and designed as a showcase for the array of high-quality metal (and other related music) we’ve got here in the Pittsburgh area.

It’s been a long time coming, and there have been many trials and tribulations along the way, but the second edition of this compendium of local talent has been completed! Just like volume 1, this new collection will be handed out for free by Innervenus-related bands at shows and other events (beginning with the Iron Atrocity Vol.2 release show, which is scheduled for Friday 03 August 2012), but also just like its predecessor, the compilation can be downloaded for free — and it’s available right now!

The new CD has assembled tracks — some newly recorded, exclusively for the compilation, some taken from recent releases — from sixteen different local bands, all of whom have been mentioned on this website in some form or fashion, at one time or another. Nevertheless, I’ll give you the full rundown on all the songs, about an hour and a quarter in all, that will be yours FREE when you grab this download. All you need to do in return is listen and enjoy, spread the word, and whenever possible, show your support by heading out to some shows (or buying some merchandise)!




1. Liquified Guts – “Hiroshima Cricket”

This trio consists of guitarist Jim Sherwood, Justin Gizzi on bass, and drums by Austin Bowen. This line-up has remained stable since 2008, but the band has been in existence with a few other members as far back as 2004. “Hiroshima Cricket” straddles the line between thrash, death metal, and extremely fucking gruesomely brutal death metal. Liquified Guts can be found on Reverbnation and Facebook.

2. Vermithrax – “The Final Feast”

Only a year old, Vermithrax are nevertheless threatening to blow up the scene with the upcoming release of their debut full-length album. This is definitely a name you’ll want to remember, if “The Final Feast” is any indication — with its blend of dark thrashy riffs and epic power/traditional metal vocals…

Check out the Vermithrax website, or follow the band on Reverbnation and Facebook.

3. Lady Beast – “Birthrite”

In addition to being built upon terrific Priest-influenced riffage and showcasing some powerful female vocals, “Birthrite” also features a pretty sweet solo in the middle. Although they’ve only been around since 2008, Lady Beast really show that they can bring the old-school vibe. Check ’em out on Facebook.

4. Grisly Amputation – “Birthed By Defecation”

With a title like “Birthed By Defecation” that sounds like it could have been inspired by the tv show I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, what else would you expect but deathgrind/goregrind? On that count, Grisly Amputation — a quintet which happens to include both of Vulture‘s guitarists among its members — certainly doesn’t disappoint, and the song also hits you with plenty of groove to really get your head moving. Their Facebook page is here.

5. Girlfight – “Holy Fuck”

Too impatient to wait until the compilation’s official release, or perhaps just disinclined to respect traditional convention, this HxC troop decided to offer this song for free download several months back. You might remember me talking about it at that time. If not, here’s that post. You might also like to check out the Girlfight Facebook page or Bandcamp page.

6. Lycosa – “U Mad Bro”

As vicious and frightening-sounding as the spider they’re named after looks, Lycosa (who also share members with several other local bands) definitely bring the anger and the heaviness on “U Mad Bro,” which alternates between a speedy trashfest and a few moments of pure sludge. Is “pure sludge” an oxymoron? Sounds like it. Check them out on Facebook.

7. Motorpsychos – “Victim”

Taken from their recent release Sheppard’s File, Motorpsychos’ song “Victim” definitely represents raw, venomous aggression. If listening to this doesn’t have you flailing around, bouncing on shit, you might want to check to make sure you still have a pulse. Otherwise, you might want to check the band’s website and Facebook page.

8. Moths – “Scabeater”

Another sick example of death metal-tinged progressive hardcore full of bouncing guitar licks and throat-shredding vocals. I say “another” because we just talked about these guys not that long ago, when they released the “Horsebreaker” single. “Scabeater” was originally included on the band’s 2011 demo EP. Visit their Bandcamp page, and also check them out on Facebook.

9. Ascend the Fallen – “Nightmares”

Lifted from Ascend the Fallen’s 2011 album Create/Conquer/Destroy, “Nightmares” seems pretty aptly named. After opening with (and later reincorporating) a string section that might have seemed at home in an old horror movie, the song represents a more modern style of metal than many of the others included here, but plenty scary! ATF can be stalked via Facebook.

10. Derketa – “Witchburned”

Kicking around for well over two decades, this death/doom group definitely knows what they’re doing, and knows how to do it well. Full of the lightning-fast-to-agonizingly-slow tempo shifts associated with the genre, as well as about a zillion cymbal crashes, “Witchburned” was lifted from their album In Death We Meet, released just two months ago. Catch up on Derketa, billed as the first-ever all female (occasional guest-musicians notwithstanding) death/doom metal band, on Facebook or their own website.

11. October – “Woman”

Sludgey, doomy, and heavy like an actual lead zeppelin, “Woman” has the unpredictable structure, gritty guitars, and tortured vocals of some of the best post-metal material you’re likely to find out there. The song comes from October’s 2011 self-titled LP, which can be found on Bandcamp. The band also has a Facebook page.

12. Solarburn – “C-Section”

Despite being instrumental, “C-Section” is way heavier, more ballsy, and well, just plain more interesting than a bunch of the aimless noodly shit that’s out there. Solarburn are planning to host a CD release show in September, but in the meantime be sure to keep an eye on their Facebook page!

13. Blackmarket Bodyparts – “Slow Bastard”

Incorporating various elements of sludge, thrash, and death metal, “Slow Bastard” will gladly pummel your eardrums into submission. Definitely a worthy swansong for Blackmarket Bodyparts, who unfortunately decided to disband after existing for about a decade; their final show was performed in December 2011, and their last recording was this song for Iron Atrocity. If you missed out on this band, you can still find out more about them on Facebook or their website.

14. Lythem – “Bleed”

“Bleed” presents the listener with a nice blend of thrash guitar riffs, hardcore drumming, and death-thrash growled vocals (with appropriately pleasant self-destructive lyrics). Get in the know by visiting Lythem’s website or Facebook page.

15. United By Hate – “Resurrection”

Laden with oppressively down-tuned doomy guitars, which nearly bury the ultra-gutteral death growl vocals, “Resurrection” is just an example of the good stuff you can find on United By Hate’s album Indulgence in Sacrilege (recently released by Dark Harvest Records). For futher details, check out the band on Facebook, Reverbnation, or in the DHR webstore!

16. Tyrant – “Never Forgotten”

Nasty blackened-death-thrash that will pierce your ear-holes like a huge, sharp icicle, “Never Forgotten” also features guitar tones and vocal reverb that are reminiscent of some great classic frostbitten black/death/doom. I’m pretty sure their statement “Find us on Facebook” in the Iron Atrocity CD booklet is meant as more of a challenge, rather than just a suggestion, but I’ll save you some time and aggravation: here you go.


Iron Atrocity Vol.2 and Vol.1 can both be downloaded from the Innervenus website, right here.

Innervenus: website, Facebook, webstore


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