Get Yourself Some FREE Canadian Metal: Canuck Metal Vol. 2


Heavy Metal Music Association of CanadaCanuck Metal Vol. 2 (01 July 2012, LoudTrax)

The H.M.M.A.C. recently announced the release of their second collection of Canadian metal music (actually, it was about two weeks ago — the official release was on Canada Day)!

If you missed out on the first volume from back in October, it’s no longer free, but you can still grab a copy for really cheap right here from LoudTrax.

Spanning a variety of hard rock and heavy metal as wide as the Canadian countryside itself, Canuck Metal Vol.2 includes an hour’s worth of songs from a bunch of bands that might be familiar to you, and some that might not be but should be!


1. Arapacis – “End of the Line”

2. Crisis Kings – “Glutton”

3. Forbidden Sin – “Man Down”

4. Hollow – “Sunriser”

5. Hymnosis – “How Dare You”

6. Makaria – “Spire”

7. Nephelium – “Merciless Annihilation”
(If this song sounds familiar to you, it might be because these Dubai ex-pats previously released it as a free download, which we discussed back in January.)

8. Project Mars – “Don’t Hold Back”
(This song also might sound familiar to you, since it also was previously released for download, as I mentioned a few weeks ago.)

9. Sanktuary – “Raise the Flag”

10. The New Jacobin Club – “My Smile”

11. The Void – “If We Can’t Beat ‘Em (Detour ‘Em!)”

12. Trainwreck Architect – “Dream Pariah”

13. Tribune – “The Succubus”
(Another song that you may have heard before — the album it comes from, Elder Lore/The Dark Arts, was reviewed here, and that post also told how to download this single for free.
Furthermore, in this more recent post, I shared the “Succubus” video as well as telling you about another free track you could download from this album!)

14. Wolven Ancestry – “The Animistic Awakening”


Grab your free copy of this compilation from LoudTrax here — note that it does require a promo code to activate the download, but that code is conveniently provided immediately above the download link!

More info:
H.M.M.A.C. Facebook
LoudTrax website, Facebook


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