Breaking News: TrollfesT Begins Work On Another New Album!


I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention to the TrollfesT Facebook page (if not, then you should be ashamed of yourself!), but all this week they’ve been teasing the fact that some sort of major announcement would be made on Thursday. Guess what: now it’s Thursday. And here’s what I’ve just learned…..




TrollfesT Begin Recording Sixth Full-Length Album!

TrollfesT, the purveyors of what they have dubbed “True Norwegian Balkan Metal,” have begun recording their sixth full-length album, starting with the drum tracks, and the ever increasing army of fans of the band can expect to see a few changes.

As TrollfesT explained:

We will record eleven metal tracks and we also have a couple of acoustic songs up our sleeves, but at this stage obviously we are not sure which ones will make it onto the album. We will, however, be taking a slightly different musical direction with this album. The sound will undoubtedly be TrollfesT, but it will vary from our last two releases. We will also be using a different studio this time. We have been more than happy with the Strand Studio who did an amazing job on En Kvest For Den Hellige Gral and Brumlebassen, but we just wanted to get a different sound to match our new musical direction so we decided to use Endre Kirkesola’s Dub Studio in Oslo.

The album will be released on NoiseArt Records. Updates and photos from the recording sessions will be posted both on Facebook and on the band’s blog.

So… that’s certainly some exciting news, huh? Coming so quickly on the heels of their last album Brumlebassen (which was released about nine months ago); only three months after presenting us with A Decade of Drekkadence, the retrospective collection covering the first decade of the band’s career; and just two months after wrapping up their first-ever North American tour (as part of Paganfest America)!

It’s still early in the process — obviously, since they’ve only just started recording — but you can expect to see plenty more updates here, so keep a close watch on the email/RSS/Facebook/Twitter updates!

Until then, I’ll leave you with a few tidbits about the Decade of Drekkadence compilation. Here’s an image of the artwork; you can click on it to be taken to the band’s webshop (which is the only place where you can get a copy of the sixteen-track 12″ picture disc!). Furthermore, below the image I’ll share the track listing for the collection, as well as two videos: the first will be a track-by-track breakdown of the full compilation (including commentary by members of the American folk metal band Helsot, who were also part of the recent Paganfest America tour); the second video is a song that was included on the retrospective, TrollfesT‘s cover version of Britney Spears‘ song “Toxic”!


Side A

01. På Beruselsens Vinger (new song)
02. God’s Away on Business (Tom Waits cover)
03. Toxic (Britney Spears cover)
04. Drekkadag (Drekkameratene cover)
05. Selvforherligende Vås (B-side from En Kvest For Den Hellige Gral recording)
06. Drekkaekspedisjon (B-side from Brumlebassen recording)

Side B

01. TrollfesT (På Veg Til Vorspiel) (Demo 2004)
02. Drekka Konkurransen! (Demo 2004)
03. Drekka Mer!!! (Demo 2004)
04. …Skogsfest… (Demo 2004)
05. Nachspiel In Ein Baum (Demo 2004)
06. Heimferd (Demo 2004)
07. Brakebein (acoustic version)
08. Rundt Bålet (acoustic version)
09. Karve (acoustic version)
10. Gitarharding Bromleskandinav (song from the Brumlebassen teaser video)





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