Pyrexia – Gravitas Maximus (2021)

Yes, there are still a couple weeks left in the year, but I feel fairly confident naming this the Brutal Death Metal album of the year. Get ready.


PyrexiaGravitas Maximus (Unique Leader Records, 10 December 2021)


With a name meaning a high-temperature or fever (derived from the Greek “Pyrex” meaning a glass dish able to withstand high heat), this band originally formed over three decades ago, emerging from the same primordial soup as fellow brutal NYDM-ers Suffocation, in addition to occasionally sharing various members over the years.

Gravitas Maximus is their sixth full-length overall, and it contains eight tracks over the course of about twenty-four minutes packed completely full of riffs that will slam you into the ground so hard, you’ll think you’ve been attacked by whatever that fucking mutant gorilla thing is on the cover.

The opener is called “We Are Many” which is already a good sign because the phrase comes from my all-time favorite bad-ass Bible quote, and the song lives up to it in terms of brutality and slammingness. Not a throwaway or skippable track throughout, but some highlights include “The Day the Earth Shook” for the sheer heaviness of that slowdown section, “Art of Infamy” for ramping up the gore metal, and “Rule of 2” for that pummeling outro — just to name a few.




Prepare to be blown away by Gravitas Maximus in the Bandcamp player below, and then buy your copy here.


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