Mark Solotroff – Not Everybody Makes It (2021)

Happy Friday! Here’s a bit of bonus coverage for you, as the vocalist of Anatomy of Habit (whose newly-released album was discussed right here earlier today) happened to put out his own solo record over the summer, which I’ll share with you now.


Mark SolotroffNot Everybody Makes It (self-released, 30 July 2021)


Eschewing his primary role in Anatomy — there are no vocals anywhere to be found here, nor to be honest, any melodic or rhythmic songs in the traditional sense — this outing instead finds Mr. Solotroff emphasizing his side gig that he’s handled alongside Indian and Wrekmeister Harmonies and quite literally countless others: that of ambiance, electronics, and general noise.

Not Everybody Makes It is full hour of atmospheric soundscapes, consisting of six tracks at exactly 10:00 apiece. Some of these are assembled primarily from sustained droning synth notes and chords, frequently throwing in inharmonic tones to add to the general sense of tension; elsewhere sounds are employed like static, humming, and other not-quite-tonal but clearly deliberately chosen to evoke a particular mood — that of serene longing, anxious anticipation, begrudging acceptance. Overall, a peaceful calmness but with undertones or overtones of dread or that feeling that something’s not exactly right, which never does quite end up being released or resolved.


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