Get ’em While They’re Hot: Kosher Komp Vol. 2 Now Available!

Hey folks, just a quick heads-up about a huge FREE metal compilation that was just released by the folks at Kosher Metal.  They are an internet radio station that plays nothing but metal music.  In case you are wondering about the name, there are multiple meanings of the word; in this case, I’m pretty sure they are referring to metal that has been brined with large quantities of garlic.  Or you can read their explanation here.

Anyway, here’s the official trailer for the compilation, and further down you can see more information, including where to download it, and all that fun stuff.

Here is an abbreviated version of the tracklist — these are just the songs that are available for streaming at Bandcamp.  The full compilation, when you download it, contains 46 tracks in total (although several of these are DJ-style snippets of info in between songs).

1. Age Of Menace – Shut You Down 05:15   
 2. American Hell – Zero 03:53   
 3. Avete Monstrum – I Fucking Shot You! 03:45   
 4. Death Audio – Place The Blame 05:36   
 5. Denial Machine – Silver Tongued Devil 03:59   
 6. I Magnified – Guide Stones 04:12   
 7. IMAIM – Sympathy For The Judge 04:24   
 8. Korotory – Ascending 05:01   
 9. Lefutray – Immersed 04:58   
 10. Mouth Of The Serpent – Cisterna 04:41   
 11. Nekrogoblikon – Bears 04:46   
 12. NUCLEAR – Silent Scream (Slayer Cover) 03:09  info 
 13. Sangre – The Great Tribulation 03:51   
 14. Sentenced On Sunday – Code Of The Wolf 03:24   
 15. Separation Of Sanity – Grinder 05:49   
 16. Speedpig – Full Hog 03:37 

You can grab the download from Kosher Metal, here.  Just be sure you have some time to kill, because the whole thing’s about 300MB.  It’s also available in a limited edition CD copy, if you’re interested in that, which you can order here.  If you missed the first volume when it was released back in September, you can pick up that one for free from Kosher Metal, here.

Kosher Metal official website / @ Bandcamp / @ Facebook


2 responses to “Get ’em While They’re Hot: Kosher Komp Vol. 2 Now Available!

    • Cool, enjoy! I haven’t actually listened to any of the songs on this comp yet (after I spent about an hour and a half downloading it onto my phone yesterday! I should have just waited til I came home, would have been WAY faster!) but I have heard them (Nekrogoblikon) before, looking forward to checking the rest out, too.


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