True Norwegian Black Metal: Download a Free Blodsgard Video!

The Blodsgard song “Mentalt Minefelt” was selected by No Clean Singing as one of 2011’s “Most Infectious Extreme Metal Songs” and in thanks for that honor the band is giving free downloads of the video for that song. Christianity gets a comeuppance courtesy of the Swedish cult film Häxan‘s Devil, and Blodsgard provides the crushing soundtrack. Click the link below to go to the video page and get the free DL for your computer or your smart phone.

This is the email update that I recently received from Norwegian black metal miscreants Blodsgard (which translates to “blood farm”). If you aren’t familiar with the band, I can’t think of a better way to get acquainted than to check out this video, and then you can grab your very own copy if you’d like.

“Mentalt Mindfelt” translates to “Mental Minefield” which, if you think about it, is a pretty apt description of a lot of Norwegian black metal. This particular video consists of scenes from a movie that is ninety years old, so while it contains images of torture devices, devils, blood and death, none of it is really what we would consider graphic today. However, the music on the other hand… I make no promises that this will not give you nightmares.

As the email stated, the song was included by No Clean Singing as one of their “most infectious” songs of last year; in fact, it was one of the first couple songs on the list (original post here). Here’s what NCS’s head honcho Islander had to say about the band, and the song, at that time:

What I’ve heard from Blodsgard to date ranges from solid to superb. The music is definitely nekro, rooted in the hallowed traditions of Trve Norwegian Black Metal, but guitarist/vocalist Fredrik R is a talented songwriter, and what he creates is much more than the typical hate-filled, clawing-to-the-bone that you might expect. There’s one song in particular to which I’ve returned many times — “Mentalt Minefelt”. I’ve become addicted to the bleak, moaning melody, the kataclysmic drum explosions, and Fredrik R’s positively harrowing vocal style. This song is kvlt — and it’s also tremendously infectious.

To spend some more quality reading time, you might also want to check out the No Clean Singing review of some of the band’s other music. Or, if you’d rather just jump straight into it, check out some of the links below:

Blodsgard official website / Facebook page
Blodsgard videos page (where you can watch videos for several of the band’s songs, and which also includes the FREE download link for “Mentalt Minefelt”)

Visit IMDB for more info on the movie Häxan.


4 responses to “True Norwegian Black Metal: Download a Free Blodsgard Video!

  1. Thanks so much for featuring this band’s music (and for the mentions of NCS). I guess it’s obvious that I’m a huge fan, and it’s nice to see the word being spread.


  2. Tusen takk to both of you for helping to spread the gospel according to Blodsgard. 🙂 I’m leaving the music sampler free for download – it’s a hidden page but people who “know” can access it directly at:

    And of course we recommend that you read the excellent NCS article 😉

    The band has recently been offered a contract.. we’ll see how that works out. In the meantime, expect some interesting things soon from the frozen faderland.



    • Raven, du er ganske velkommen!

      Thanks for stopping by and saying hello, I appreciate it. Glad to hear things are going well, and I look forward to whatever the future brings.

      Lykke til!


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