Reblog: Argus Interview with That Devil Music

Good morning, readers, I hope you are doing well today. I just wanted to share this with you in case you haven’t already seen it, because That Devil Music, one of my favorite metal websites, has posted an interview with Argus, one of my favorite semi-local bands! (Semi-local, because they are just outside of Pittsburgh too, but in the opposite direction from me.)


Anyway, you can read the interview here — and see the band address such topics as the reaction to their second album (Boldly Stride the Doomed, out last year on Cruz del Sur Music); whether they consider themselves “doom metal” (spoiler alert: they can equivocate about genre as well as anybody); and what the future holds as far as upcoming shows (special mention is made of them playing the 31st Street Pub next month for the Dream Death reunion) and their forthcoming third album.




3 responses to “Reblog: Argus Interview with That Devil Music

  1. Yep that would be courtesy of new guy Cdee who is a beast with grabbing up interviews. Also I might need to change the poll question. Funny how I didn’t notice that until I see it on your wall:)


    • Possibly, I guess you could say that. But not in the way that the people at that blog intend the name to be interpreted.

      In their case, I believe it’s meant to be ironic or sarcastic — a joking reference to those people who simply dismiss all forms of heavy metal music, calling it “that devil music.” Sometimes the phrase is literally accurate, and there is some stuff out there that only exists for the purpose of shock value, but the point is, there is much more to the music that I (or the folks at TDM, or, hopefully, most of our collective readers) listen to than that.


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