Get ’em While They’re Hot: Free Compilation from Domestic Genocide Records!


According to the label’s official bio,

Domestic Genocide Records is an independent, donation-run record label, focusing on musicians who have been oppressed, who have not been given the opportunity to deliver their message of creativity through music. We are 100% online-based, located in various parts of the USA. Our name reflects some of the harshest realities our artists and staff have had to endure throughout their lives.

If you ask me — and technically, since you’ve come here to read what I have written, you kind of are implicitly asking me — that’s pretty awesome. Since I’ve started writing this blog, and even before that, I’ve always gravitated toward the bands and music coming from some of the more, shall we say, non-traditional parts of the world. By “non-traditional,” I mean countries that aren’t traditionally associated with heavy metal music. And, I’ve quite often been pleasantly surprised by what I’ve heard.

In places that have been under the most oppressive of conditions for so long, you might not expect most of the people living there to even have the opportunity to know about heavy metal. But some do manage to hear it and love it — and some of those people go on to create music of their own. And as I was saying, a lot of the stuff I’ve heard has been pretty incredible.

So, for Domestic Genocide to work so hard to give those artists an outlet to get their work heard across the world is totally cool and deserving of your attention and support.

Earlier today, I learned that the label has just released a compilation of songs – called Death Zone, Volume 1 – from several different artists across the world. The comp is available to download for free if you choose, so the artists (and the label) can get as much exposure as possible, or for whatever price you decide to pay, if you like what you hear or if you want to help out their mission to give people a voice.

The compilation includes bands from the U.S. (She Was Dead When I Got There), Canada (Ascariasis), Poland (Beheading Machine), Turkey (Upheaval), and India (Solar Deity), as well as a whole bunch from Indonesia (Viscral, Vision Eyes, Bloody Symphony, Cinematic Machine, Defragment Otak, Bastard, Knell,The All Prosthesis, Touch of Eden, Spartan, Unblessing Remains). They can all be streamed or downloaded through the Bandcamp widget below. Enjoy!


Domestic Genocide: website, Facebook, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Bandcamp


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