Get ’em While They’re Hot: Download Some FREE Music from Black Sleep of Kali!

Feeling kind of lazy on a Saturday afternoon, the perfect sort of day to chill out with some sludgey doomy slow jams.

Well, as luck would have it, Denver’s always-awesome Black Sleep of Kali have just announced that they’re giving away some new songs for free this weekend!

This band was another one that I discovered through one the Sludge Swamp‘s Swamp Comp collections. The song “Chorus of Flies,” which was taken from the band’s 2009 EP, was included in that compilation, and when I heard it I thought it was such a perfect composition of fuzzed-out sludginess that I just had to seek out more information about the band. So I was wrote myself a note to look them up the next time I was at my computer — but later when I looked at the note, it looked like I had written “Black Sheep” instead of “Black Sleep” and I (understandably) had a hell of a time searching for anything.

But luckily I eventually got that straightened out, and found them on Facebook. I also got myself a copy of that EP, and the rest of it is just as good as the first song that I heard. Anyway, fast forward to today, and like I was saying, I’ve learned that they’ve got four new songs to give away! Apparently back in March they put together a split LP with Union of Sleep (four songs from each band), which is currently available on 12″ vinyl through This Charming Man and Per Koro. And, BSOK were kind enough to announce that throughout this weekend, you can download their half of the record for free (or for whatever price you choose)! You won’t want to miss this deal…

Listen to (or download) the Black Sleep of Kali side of the BSOK/UOS Split via the following Bandcamp widget:

You can also grab a copy of the record at the band’s webstore, here.

The Black Sleep of Kali EP from 2009 is also available to download for free (or name-your-price), here:

Finally, you can also listen to the band’s 2010 full-length, Our Slow Decay, here:

This is apparently not available to download, but you can grab the album on CD through their webstore, here.

Black Sleep of Kali: Facebook, Myspace, Bandcamp, webstore


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