Get ’em While They’re Hot: Download a FREE Compilation of Australian Metal from Art as Catharsis


Drone from the Underside of the Earth is a FREE digital compilation featuring Australia’s best stoner, sludge, doom and drone bands.

It’s supposed to be released 21 May 2012 through Art As Catharsis, and I know that’s tomorrow, but it turns out that in addition to having winter when we have summer, and water going backwards down their drains, Australian people also live inside some crazy time warp thing where there it’s already tomorrow while here it’s still today. I’ll never understand all this complicated science stuff, but the good thing means, the compilation is available right now!

It features 26 songs by Adrift for Days, Arrowhead, Atolah, Battle Pope, Clagg, DEAD, Drowning Horse, Futility, Houdini, Hydromedusa, In Trenches, Law of the Tongue, Lint, Log, Looking Glass, Moth, Mother Eel, Mother Mars, No Anchor, Noûs, Shellfin, Sore, Space Bong, Summonus, Sons of the Ionian Sea, and The Slow Death. The compilation also includes that incredible artwork shown above, which was done by promoter/label head Lachlan R. Dale.

Lachlan also had the following message to share:

I’ve spent a lot of hours on this project this year. I really wanted to draw attention to some our country’s awesome fuzzy, droney, drug-addled groups, that perhaps don’t get the attention they deserve – especially outside of Australia – because the reality is we can boast some of the most unique and varied slow music of any country.

So I set off with intent to pull together some of my favourite artists in Australia’s stoner, sludge, doom and drone scenes in order to get more people to discover great Australian underground music. But I was a little naive of quite how long it would take me!

The hard work paid off in the end. Drone form the Underside of the Earth features a selection of 26 tracks. This is a rare, eye-opening peek into Australia’s rich underground music scene. At 3-and-a-half hours in length it’s quite a ride, but I sincerely hope that you at least discover a few new bands as a result of this work.

Listen to or download the compilation through Bandcamp…

Art as Catharsis: website, Facebook, Bandcamp


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