Get to Know: Injury Deepen (Review of Demo 2011 – FREE Download)

So the other day, I saw some exciting news on Facebook, that I just had to share with you, Readers. Indonesian brutal death metal band Injury Deepen posted, “Minggu ini Kami Siap Untuk Melangsungkan Proses Rekaman Untuk Debut Album Kami!!”

For those of us who don’t speak Indonesian, fortunately we have Google Translate to assist. It isn’t always perfect, and if any readers out there have a better translation for me I’d appreciate it, but as far as I can tell, it says, “This week, we are ready to establish the process of recording our debut album!!”

Anyway, like I said, I was pretty excited to see this; probably if you’d heard the band’s demo from last year, you’d feel the same way too.

I found the four-track Demo 2011 EP at the Death Metal Invasion blog, which is a wonderful resource for discovering new music, because several times a week they post another release (sometimes demos, EPs, or singles, sometimes full albums), and they are all 100% FREE to download — and 100% LEGAL because they only post stuff that comes directly from bands or record labels. As the name implies, they primarily cater to the death metal crowd, but the content spans the huge spectrum of sub-subgenres that fall under that umbrella: traditional, brutal, slamming, technical, melodic, etc., with bits of deathgrind or grindcore thrown in the mix as well.

So I end up downloading A LOT of stuff from DMI, across all those different styles, and from literally all over the world. As you might expect, there is also a wide range of quality in these releases — some I end up liking quite a bit, while others may not resonate so well with me.

Out of all that, Injury Deepen really caught my attention and ended up being one of the more memorable bands I’d heard on that site. So when I learned they’d be working on a new album, I decided to revisit their demo, and then share it with you! (Including, of course, where you can grab a copy for yourself, because they’re still offering it for free!)

What this Indonesian trio has put together in these four songs incorporates pretty much everything I want in my brutal death metal (and nothing that I don’t). The vocals are very well-done — there is no whining, shrieking, squealing, bree-ing, rasping, and of course no singing; just fucking brutal growls and roars. As it should be.

As a result, the lyrics are more or less incomprehensible. In fact, it’s hard to even tell if they’re in English or not, although the rhythm and phrasing of the words (as well as the English song titles) lead me to believe that they are. However, considering those titles (“Utimate Torture,” “Necro Orgasm,” “Rip the Fetus from the Womb,” “Venomous Slaughter”), just as in most music of this genre, you might actually be better not knowing exactly what they’re saying!

The guitar parts also sound well-played and well-written. Of course being a self-produced demo, you will expect that the sound quality might not be perfect, but this is supposed to be filthy, gritty, dirty music anyhow, so the recording quality (which is actually better than a lot of demos I’ve heard, anyway) is never a detriment. The song structures, too, represent a high level of talent in the writing; all of the riffs and various sections of the songs fit together and transition back and forth seamlessly.

But that drumming! This is the element of the band’s sound which grabs my attention the most, and to be honest I have to try really hard to pay attention to any of the other instruments.

Death metal drumming, with its ultra-fast tempos, blastbeats and burstbeats, is difficult to begin with. It takes incredible strength and endurance, not to mention dexterity and coordination between both hands and both feet. But what this guy (by the way, the listing at DMI had a different line-up of band members than some other sources I’ve seen, but both Encyclopædia Metallum and the band’s own Facebook page say the drummer’s name is Iboy, so unless I learn otherwise, I’ll trust those sources) is playing … I feel like I need some sort of high-tech calculator just to figure it out!

The kick-drum and cymbals are relatively standard, with straight sixteenth-note double-kick patterns as well as eighth- or sixteenth-note cymbal hits throughout the majority of these songs — with all the variations and fills you’d expect sprinkled liberally, of course. But then he adds the snare part, which is simply insane. Occasionally the snare works in conjunction with the cymbals, alternating sixteenths in a typical blastbeat pattern. Then some of the time, it ventures away from the rest of the drums, perhaps echoing the guitar riffs with either single hits or duplet or triplet rolls mimicking the pick striking notes on the strings. But most of the time, the snare hits are nestled on the off-beats in between the kick and cymbal hits — it’s hard to tell if these are a sixteenth-note triplet or a thirty-second-note apart from the other parts (once you get into such microscopic subdivisions of time, the difference starts to become indistinguishable), but in any case, the patterns seem mind-bogglingly intricate.

Download the band’s Demo 2011 here, and then join me in anxiously anticipating their forthcoming new material!

Injury Deepen: Facebook, Myspace, Reverbnation


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