Get ’em While They’re Hot: The Fourth (and Final) New Vesperia Song is Available for FREE!

STOP! You should totally check out THIS POST instead. Vesperia‘s entire The Swordsman demo is now available to download for free; the full details are included there.

Well, readers, check this out.  For the fourth time in as many weeks, we’re checking in with Vesperia, the Toronto-based Celtic/pagan/folk/symphonic/blackened-thrash band who were formerly known as Bolero.

We first discussed the band when I  shared the announcement of their new name, as well as the fact that they’d be releasing a new four-track demo called The Swordsman.  We also talked about the fact that each week this month, they’d be releasing another of those four tracks as free downloads.  Clearly I misunderstood part of that initial announcement, because I was under the impression that each song would be given away for one week only.  However, each of the first three songs continue to be available for free, which means (now that they’ve released the last one), the whole demo EP is now yours for the taking.  For the first song (“The Swordsman”), see the link at the beginning of this paragraph; for the second (“Huntress”), click here; for the third (“To Times End We Ride”), here; and finally, for the last of the four songs — head on down to the bottom of this post.

Also as a reminder, the band are currently in the midst of a tour of Ontario with Crimson Shadows.  I’ve once again re-reprinted the remaining tour dates below, as well.


‘For the Glory of the Swordsman’ Tour Dates:

  • June 1, 2012 – The Granite Club – North Bay, ON
  • June 2, 2012 – The Serbian Centre – Sudbury, ON
  • June 8, 2012 – The Corktown Pub – Hamilton, ON
  • June 9, 2012 – Dominion House Tavern – Windsor, ON
  • June 22, 2012 – The Atria – Oshawa, ON
  • June 29, 2012 – The Brass Monkey – Ottawa, ON

The Swordsman contains four tracks altogether, and they can all be streamed through Bandcamp.  (The digital download of the whole thing can also be purchased there — even though you can now grab the songs individually, maybe you’re really really lazy and prefer to get just one .ZIP file, or maybe you just like supporting independant musicians!)

Anyway, as promised, the last track, “A Silence Prolonging (in Longing)” can be downloaded FOR FREE – using this handy widget right here:

Vesperia: Facebook, Youtube, Bandcamp


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