More News About Upcoming Releases: Video Teaser for New TrollfesT Album


Good morning again, Readers! We’ve already had some great news today involving details of an album due out via Noise Art Records this August, but there’s another exciting release scheduled for around that same time, on that same record label!

If you recall, about two months ago we learned the title, tracklist, and the narrative behind TrollfesT‘s forthcoming fifth album Brumlebassen, and at the same time we were treated to a glimpse of the cover art (reproduced at the top of this page).

Well, now there’s more treats for your eyes and ears! The band has put together the following video teaser, which contains a large dose of nature scenes, hiking, and picnic lunches, though a very small amount of either metal music or information about the actual album…

Coincidentally, following the release of this album, TrollfesT will also be taking part in the Heidenfest tour across Europe, alongside Korpiklaani and Wintersun, as well as Krampus (as reported earlier today).

TrollfesT: Website, Facebook, Myspace, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Webstore


2 responses to “More News About Upcoming Releases: Video Teaser for New TrollfesT Album

    • Haha, I have no idea.

      I assume it’s a play on the “TNBM” label, and the band IS from Norway, but I don’t really know what “Balkan Metal” would mean, exactly.

      Clearly they aren’t using Balkan mythology, since they have actually invented all their stories and characters; the language used for their lyrics appears to be some sort of bastardized hybrid of Norwegian + German; and while they do incorporate some folk instruments (banjo, accordian, saxophone), it doesn’t seem like anything specifically Balkan.

      So I don’t know what it’s supposed to mean, or even if it’s supposed to make any sense…


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