Hey, Look: Another New Borracho Video

Well here’s something interesting. Turns out Borracho has got a video out for another song from last year’s album Splitting Sky.

This song, “All in Play” is one of the more mellow, laid back grooves on the album — and at nearly nine minutes, definitely one of the longer ones.

The last few minutes of the song are made up of an extended fuzzy guitar jam, the kind where if you’re playing Guitar Hero, your fingers are about to fall off and you keep on wondering if the song is going to end soon!

But you aren’t playing Guitar Hero, you’re just kicking back and enjoying the pretty pictures of huge natural phenomena like waterfalls and volcanos, and possibly enhancing your listening pleasure with some sort of herbal supplement from your local pharmacy. Who knows.

Here’s the new video:


To hear more of Splitting Sky, including your opportunity to buy a download, CD, or LP, check it out on Bandcamp:

And while you’re at it, go check out the video for the album’s first single, “Concentric Circles,” which I wrote about here.

“Repetitive Heavy Grooves,” indeed.

Borracho: Website, Facebook, Bandcamp


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