Hey Look: A New Beastwars Video! Plus, Album Update!

Good afternoon! Here are two pieces of good news all rolled into one news update. Both of them concern those disciples of the “tune low/play slow” philosophy, Beastwars, who (to be perfectly honest) also happen to be the only band from New Zealand I can name off the top of my head (unless you count The Flight of the Conchords).

Anyway, I’ve learned that their self-titled debut album — which has been available online since early 2011 — will see an official U.S. release in September of this year. Additionally, they’ve just announced the release of a video for “Empire,” the closing track on that album. Just like the rest of the songs on Beastwars, “Empire” is deliciously sludgey and grungey and noisy, as well as giving me the impression that one or more of the band members may possibly have owned (or at least listened to) a copy of Masters of Reality at some point in their lives.

Here is the new video, directed by Hamish Waterhouse (full credits available here). They say this took five months to put together, and looks to be worth every minute of it!


Furthermore, if you’d like to listen to the album before it comes available for sale (or if you’d like to purchase a download copy of it now) you may do so through Bandcamp:

You can also hear (or download FREE) the band’s 2010 single “When I’m King” (which does not appear on the album) at Bandcamp:

And make sure you take advantage of the following links, to stay informed about any new Beastwars happenings!
Facebook, Youtube, Bandcamp


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