Upcoming Shows: Orwell to Embark on a West Coast Tour

Hey readers! Here’s information about yet another tour that I’d like to share with you. Once again, this isn’t coming anywhere near my neighborhood, but the message I got from Orwell referred to visiting some foreign lands for the first time (this will be the Wisconsinians’ first trip to several of these western locales) and they politely asked for these details to be shared — which I am more than happy to do.

Any of you who live on the other side of the Mississippi, you need to check out the dates listed below. If, like me, you don’t happen to live near any of the scheduled stops for the band’s tour, you should still keep reading anyhow, because I’m also going to tell you how to grab a copy of their album A View of Heaven from a Seat in Hell totally free!


The Encyclopædia refers to Orwell as “Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore,” although I’m not sure if I agree — I’m definitely hearing way more metal than core in these guys’ music.

I’d be more inclined to use the description “a continuously-progressing metal band that fuses elements of post-rock, melodic death metal and many other elements from many different genres of rock and metal,” which I stole from this post, written by American Aftermath‘s Ross Gnarly last summer. You might also be interested in this interview he conducted shortly thereafter.

Mr. Gnarly noted that he was first introduced to the band by way of The Number of the Blog. Since that entire collection of fantastic writing has gone up in smoke, I can’t refer you back to the original source, but I can tell you that AVOHFASIH scored an honorable mention when TNOTB’s GroverXIII compiled his year-end list on No Clean Singing. (Furthermore, if you still haven’t seen it yet, Mr. XIII has started writing again, at Oculus Infernus.)

So anyway, that’s a lot of positive words said about the band and their music — but of course you’d prefer to hear it for yourself, right? You can check out one of their songs, “In Crude I Remain,” here…

…and then you can download AVOHFASIH for FREE, here.


Click for full-size image



Aug 09 – Minneapolis, MN @ The Tree House

Aug 10 – Fargo, ND @ The New Direction

Aug 11 – Missoula, MT @ Zombie Tools

Aug 12 – Seattle, WA @ TBA

Aug 13 – Portland, OR @ The Know

Aug 14 – Oakland, CA @ Vitus
San Francisco, CA @ ***TBA***

Aug 15 – Los Angeles, CA @ ***TBA***

Aug 16 – Las Vegas, NV @ Yayo Taco

Aug 17 – Salt Lake City, UT @ ***TBA***

Aug 18 – Denver, CO @ The Lion’s Lair

They’ll be joined on this tour by another band from Wisconsin, Speaker Eater. These guys also have some music you can download for free, their self-titled EP from last November:

About the upcoming tour dates, Orwell said, “In an effort to present our compositions in their purest forms, we will be playing our album AVOHFASIH in its entirety at every show and Speaker Eater will be debuting material from their crushing, soon-to-be-released album Lords.

More Orwell info: website, Facebook, Bandcamp

More Speaker Eater: website, Facebook, Bandcamp


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