Coming Soon: New Daylight Dies Album – Details Revealed

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s another bit of news I am very pleased to pass along to you. This was actually announced a couple weeks ago, but I didn’t really get a chance to write about it until now.

Daylight Dies is an excellent, excellent melodic-death/doom band, which I was first introduced to with their appearance on a couple Relapse Records samplers (Contaminated 5.0 and VI included the songs “I Wait” and “The Line that Divides,” respectively, both taken from the band’s debut full-length, 2002’s No Reply) — the same way I discovered Neurosis (“The Tide” and “A Sun that Never Sets,” respectively, appeared on those same collections) and literally dozens of other artists that I fell in love with in the early part of this millennium.

Anyway, fast-forwarding through the next decade, Daylight Dies went on to sign with Candlelight Records and put out two more albums, and now we find that Candlelight is set to release a third (the band’s fourth overall, for those keeping score at home)…



The album will be called A Frail Becoming, in case you hadn’t deduced the title from the cover art, which is featured at the top of this page. The official release date is set for the 9th of October, 2012. Here is the label’s official press release, which also includes the track listing, and information about a forthcoming music video:

Candlelight Records today confirms October 9 as the North American release date for DAYLIGHT DIES’ new album, A Frail Becoming. Mixed by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios, the album features photography from award-winning Jonathan Mehring and packaging design by Agni Kaster. The release of A Frail Becoming silences a nearly four-year writing gap from the quintet.

A Frail Becoming is an album which, at many times during its creation, felt as if it may never be realized,” states drummer Jesse Haff. “As each of our lives proceeded down different paths, the challenges and obstacles we faced felt daunting and at times impassible. Out of this struggle we forged ahead, determined to write the best collection of music we’ve ever created. Thankfully our perseverance prevailed and A Frail Becoming stands as the most accomplished and varied album of our career.”

Recording of A Frail Becoming commenced late 2011. Bassist/vocalist Egan O’Rourke coordinated capturing individual performances of Haff, guitarists Barre Gambling and Charley Shackelford, and vocalist Nathan Ellis. By year’s end, the raw tracks were ready for Bogren’s impressive and critical touches. Haff notes, “While still sounding distinctly Daylight Dies, each songs stands independently on its own, uncompromisingly representing a reflection of the moment in time they were each born in. Expect beautiful and haunting guitar-driven dark metal, enveloped by a wall of rhythms and textures one minute, and deeply expressive guitar leads, solos and acoustic passages the next.”

A Frail Becoming Track Listing:

1. Infidel
2. The Pale Approach
3. Sunset
4. Dreaming of Breathing
5. A Final Vestige
6. Ghosting
7. Hold On To Nothing
8. Water’s Edge
9. An Heir to Emptiness

DAYLIGHT DIES is currently working on a video for the song “Dreaming of Breathing.” The clip is being filmed by Ramon Boutviseth, who also directed “Lies That Bind,” a video filmed shortly after the release of 2006’s Dismantling Devotion.

As we approach the release date and further details begin to emerge (for example, pre-order information), I will be sure to pass that along as well.

Daylight Dies: website, Facebook, merch store
Candlelight Records: website, Facebook


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