Some Incredible Events Today In Pittsburgh And Kent, Ohio! (18 August 2012)

Hey readers! Did you see my post yesterday about the Lady Beast record release show? Just curious, because that was absolutely the most pathetic excuse for writing a post that I’ve ever done. Like a sentence and a half and a “here, check the Facebook event for more details”…

For that, I apologize. I know I’m always going on and on about being so busy and not having enough time to write as much as I want to, and it probably gets annoying to read, but it’s true — and I wish there was something I could do about it. Maybe I should leave the “What to do in Pittsburgh” stuff up to The Pittsburgh Scene, or MoshPittsburgh. I dunno. But, there are two HUGE events happening today, one right in town, and the other just about two hours away, and I couldn’t possibly neglect my duties to inform you about these!

As always, I’m sorry if I missed anything, please be sure to let me know in the comments (or send me a message on Facebook), and also as always, stay tuned because –honestly– there are more reviews and stuff forthcoming!




Allure of the Earth Productions presents:

Summer Séance Festival 2012

with Derkéta, Bloodiest, Chrome Waves, Vermithrax, Vrolok, Brown Angel, Storm King, Beneath the Remains, Iron Crown


at the Ironworks

45 Bates Street, Pittsburgh (Oakland)


Saturday 18 August 2012 | 2:00pm doors | all ages | $10

After the popularity of the Winter’s Wake festival, Allure of the Earth decided to add a mid-year companion event, which they’re calling the Summer Séance.

With this many awesome bands — most local with a couple friends coming to visit — all afternoon and evening, for only ten bucks?? How can you go wrong?

Set list:
Doors: 2pm
Storm King: 2:30-2:50
Iron Crown: 3:05-3:35
Brown Angel: 3:50-4:20
Beneath The Remains: 4:35-5:05
Vermithrax: 5:20-6:00
Vrolok: 6:15-7:00
Chrome Waves: 7:20-7:50
Bloodiest: 8:20-9:00
Derkéta/Creation is Crucifixion: 9:30-end

More details/RSVP here.




The Blackout Cookout 3

with Keelhaul, The Ravenna Arsenal, ** ***, Vulture, The Unclean, Buffalo Witch, Forged in Flame, Showboy


at the Outpost Concert Club

4962 State Route 43, Kent Ohio


Saturday 18 August 2012 | 5:00 doors / 7:00 music | $10 ADV / $13 DOS

Just like the event described above, LOOK AT THAT FUCKING LIST OF BANDS! Only ten bucks if you buy your tickets ahead of time (click here)!

But wait, there’s more! Not only does your admission price get you entry to the show, but it includes all-you-can-eat barbecue food! The menu consists of “smoked chicken, pork loin, and ribs plus multiple sides”!

Get the full details here.


Holy shit, right? These both look so amazing, I don’t know how anybody could choose one or the other. I’m sorry to say, I won’t have that problem — some stupid family birthday party that I’ll be required to attend, which is going to make me miss BOTH of these shows. But I hope you’re able to make it out to one of them, and them feel free to rub it in my face how awesome of a time you had. Go ahead, I won’t mind.



Ok, yeah I will. I’ll probably tell you you’re a jerk. Whatever.


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