Borracho Announces “Tres Hombres” Labor Day Weekend Tour Dates

Hey readers, if you happen to live on the east coast anywhere between the D.C. region and New England, listen up! The Washingtonian stoner/fuzz metal band Borracho recently announced a string of dates running throughout the Labor Day holiday weekend, so if you’re anywhere near that area you’ll want to pay close attention to this.

We’ve talked about this band a few times, starting with a mention on the list of top 2011 releases, and including features on a couple new videos over the past several months.

Here’s what the guys said about these tour dates:

Borracho LIVE on the Tres Hombres Tour!

All work and no play makes Borracho want to hit the road! We’ve been spending too much time in the lab writing for the new record and we really need some fresh air! So, we’re hitching up the wagons and heading north Labor Day weekend for a short tour en route to the 12th annual Stoner Hands of Doom festival in New London, CT.

This will be our second appearance at the festival, and the tour will bring us to the city of brotherly love and New England for the first time. We’ll be playing four dates, kicking off in our home town of Washington DC, travelling to Philadelphia, PA and Boston, MA before our Sunday showcase at SHoD. We’ll be joined on these shows by One Inch Giant from Gothenburg Sweden, Black Thai from Boston, and Fire Faithful from Richmond VA. Spread the word! See the details on each show below, and on the Shows page of our site.

We’ve also mentioned One Inch Giant around these parts before, and although I might not have written about them (yet), I’ve also really enjoyed what I’ve heard from Black Thai and Auroboros. Fire Faithful is a name that’s unfamiliar to me, but they’re definitely in good company — as far as I can tell, the line-up for any one of these shows will be well worth checking out…


  • Thursday, 30 August – DC9, Washington DC – w/ One Inch Giant, Auroboros
  • Friday, 31 August – Gunners Run, Philadelphia PA – w/ Black Thai, One Inch Giant
  • Saturday, 01 September – O’Brien’s Pub, Allston MA – w/ Black Thai, Fire Faithful
  • Sunday, 02 September – Stoner Hands of Doom XII @
    The El ‘n Gee Club, New London CT – (full details and schedule here)

So once again, be sure to check out Borracho and friends if they’re coming near where you live. One of these days I hope these guys decide to venture out a little further — at least to this side of the Allegheny Mountains (the closest they’ve come to the Pittsburgh area, as far as I am aware, was a show a while back in York PA, which is still a few hours away from here). But for those of us across the rest of the country and the rest of the world — they did say something about writing a new record, so how cool is that!!?

Borracho: Website, Facebook, Bandcamp


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