FOR A GOOD CAUSE: Punk Aid “Aceh Calling” Compilation


Punks are getting arrested in Indonesia, being forced to shave their heads, being forced to pray, and having their clothes burned.

That’s the story behind Punk Aid and Aceh Calling, the massive (72 bands!) benefit compilation that’s on-sale now to support the underground punk scene in Indonesia.

The compilation was originally released in March 2012 as a digital download, and you can still grab a copy of this titanic collection from Bandcamp for just six bucks. But since that time, enough money has been raised to have CDs made, as well.

This is a three-disc set, and there were only 200 copies produced — at least half of which will stay inside Indonesia for all the punk kids there who may not be able to download the MP3 version. But there are a handful of them available for sale to the rest of the world, so if you want to help out a struggling pocket of the worldwide punk community AND get some new CDs packed full of great music in the process, you should hurry up and take advantage of this!

Movement Records in Jakarta is receiving all of the profits from the album sales, so they can distribute the money to those who need it locally. The bands included on the compilation will receive no money, and neither will the folks who brought it together or those who are selling it. “This is being done for one reason — it’s the fucking right thing to do,” says Punk Aid organizer Michael “Mike Virus” Rothstein.

More information, courtesy of Punk Aid:

Banda Aceh, Indonesia is a strict Islamic Shariah region. Deputy mayor Illiza Sa’aduddin Djamal proudly claims that she personally supervised police raids in cafes and city parks.

On Tuesday December 13, 2011 police took 64 detainees to the Aceh State Police Camp, shaved their mohawks and dyed hair off, and forced them into a lake.

Djamal also has been quoted as saying “Punk is a new social disease” and that “Aceh is a Shariah region. Everyone should obey it and the punk community is clearly against Shariah.” These people are being jailed for being punk; they have not been charged with any [actual] crimes.

Mike Virus added:

This compilation is an act of love — the love of punk rock and human rights. The minute I heard what was happening I knew something needed to be done.

I just posted to the wall of my personal FaceBook page about what was happening in Banda Aceh and that I wanted to put together an international compilation to help raise money for the Aceh punks.

Within a couple of hours I already had over 40 bands confirm that they wanted to submit a track to the compilation.

This compilation is a necessity; it is a message to the world that we demand freedom and will not live in fear or ever change our lifestyle for anyone.

It is also a message to the world that punk music is about a lot more than [just] drinking beer and partying. It is a way of life that is ingrained in the hearts and minds of all who decide to be a part of it.

Punk is a worldwide movement, and this is our lifestyle. This is our culture. We are proud to be punks and we stick together.

Punk Aid: Aceh Calling complete track list:

01. Evacuate (US) – Aceh Calling
02. For Trash (Indo.) – For Trash
03. Among the Enemy (US) – Collateral Damage
04. AntiSeen (US) – Exploding Barbed Wire Death Match
05. Askerosamente Repugnante (Chile) – Rabia & Venganza
06. Auweia! (Ger.) – Wir Bleiben
07. Bio Crisis (Mex.) – Restos de Nada
08. Brigade of Bridge (Indo.) – Streetpunk Tonight
09. Burns Like Fire (US) – One More Shot
10. Cheapness (Indo.) – Police Bastard
11. Chemical Bitches (US) – Phantom Cell
12. Combat Crisis (US) – Our City
13. Заводь (Ukr.) – Гори, Гори, Гори
14. Crypt of the Zombilord (Swe.) – Cultural Hyphae
15. Deadly Reign (US) – End of Days
16. Defiance (US) – Out of Order
17. Derelyction (Ger.) – Behind the Mask
18. Destruct (US) – Annihilation
19. The Bricks (China) – Punx United
20. Diatribe (US) – The Deluge
21. Dipsofobia (Mex.) – Negligencia
22. Doggy Style (US) – Punker’s Anthem
23. Domestic Violence (US) – Government Funding
24. For Fuck Sake (US) – Seize Fate by the Throat
25. Frankenstyle (Austria) – Trip to Nowhere
26. Hangover Generation (Switz.) – Rise Up
27. Hausvabot (Ger.) – Wunderbar Asozial
28. KalleNinja (Swe.) – Fiskefarfar
29. Krum Bums (US) – The Sound
30. Lab Rats (US) – Brain Dead
31. The Oversuck (Indo.) – Truth Can’t Be Blind
32. Last to Leave (US) – Anasazi
33. Lower Class Brats (US) – Who Do They Save?
34. Mad Pigs (Cze.) – My Blood
35. Mania (US) – Why Subvert?
36. Monster Squad (US) – Leach
37. Mr. Whiskers (US) – Mr. Owl, How Many Licks Does It Take to Make Her Tootsie Pop?
38. No Name (China) – We Don’t Need Your Rules
39. Oddball (US) – Just the Tip
40. Pestpocken (Ger.) – Kein Platz
41. Proissenbois (Ger.) – Alles Lüge
42. Rotten (US) – Blood on your Boots
43. Samuel Caldwells Revenge (US) – This is No Velvet Revolution
44. Scattergun (US) – Mobilize
45. Seek Revenge (US) – Left Astray
46. Situation Red (US) – Some of Us
47. Verbal Desecration (Mex.) – Order out of Chaos
48. Sivle Si Dog (US) – Punk Rock Ruined My Wardrobe
49. Skangkots (Indo.) – Dance Sucka
50. Social Rejection (US) – Black Sheep
51. SS-Kaliert (Ger.) – International Chaos
52. St. James and the Apostles (US) – Hypomania
53. Stud Attack (Ger.) – Stud Punk
54. The Angst (US) – Deadly Dose
55. The Borstal (Indo.) – Wake Up Boys
56. The Capones (US) – Zero Converted
57. The Kuda (Indo.) – Circle Crop
58. The Line (US) – The Calling
59. The Scarred (US) – Go Home
60. Tight Fits! (US) – Everyone Loves My Diamond Eyes
61. Times Square Timebomb (US) – One of Us
62. The Erections (Jap.) – But I’m OK
63. Total Chaos (US) – Political Repression
64. Troops of Tomorrow (US) – The World Won’t Listen
65. Unit Six (US) – The War we Fight
66. Unrest (Ger.) – Extent
67. Unwanted Noise (Can.) – Last of our Kind
68. Versus (Ger.) – DIY or Die
69. Violent Affair (US) – Social Disease
70. The Woodsmen (US) – I like Em’ Young
71. Your Last Rights (US) – A Contra’s Objection
72. Wrecking Squad (US) – Final Fire

You can download Aceh Calling here or buy the set of CDs (while supplies last!) here.

For more information on Punk Aid (or to see what else you can do to help), visit their website or Facebook page.


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