The 3rd Annual Pittsburgh Rock Music Awards!

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The 3rd Annual Pittsburgh Rock Music Awards!

Presented by Asperity Music Group


Friday, 08 February 2013 | Doors @ 6:30pm | All Ages

At Mr. Smalls Theatre

400 Lincoln Avenue, Millvale PA

Emceed by singer/entertainer Phat Man Dee
Featuring performances by Fist Fight in the Parking Lot, Dazzletine, and more!

Tickets are available here. For more details:


Asperity Music Group/Asperity Records (formerly known as Backallie Music) is a progressive record label that operates as a subscription service for fans to directly connect to their favorite artists and allow them to obtain exclusive access to music and other types of content for a small monthly fee.

They also organize and hold the Pittsburgh Rock Music Awards ceremony each year, in an effort to promote the Pittsburgh music scene and facilitate community involvement and inter-connect local artists in a positive and uplifting way.



With the annual Pittsburgh Rock Music Awards, Asperity Music Group‘s vision is to create a sense of community and pride in the local music scene by empowering musicians through peer-based nomination and judging processes.

Forgoing the traditional and divisive “battle of the bands” model, Asperity strives to cultivate a genuine collegial experience through grassroots efforts and community involvement.

This process avoids cutthroat competition and allows many different bands have a greater chance to be recognized and awarded for creating great music. This is accomplished by a two-part process which gives more weight to the votes of the musicians in the community and the panel of judges, rather than pushing ticket sales on the bands, or being reduced to a simple popularity contest.

The first round consisted of the nomination process itself; these nominations were worth 1 point each. The second round of voting was open only to the nominated musicians and the judging panel, giving the local musicians a chance to check out other bands in their genre as well as other genres, creating a sense of camaraderie within the community. Musicians’ votes count as 5 points (with one vote per band), and judges’ votes count as 10 points.

Winning bands will receive a trophy or plaque, as well as multiple prize packages including recording time from Treelady Studios, custom guitar and bass setups from Beardly Customs, videography packages from Eyes to the Sky Films, gift certificates, and more!

Additionally, winning bands are eligible to receive a year of management services by Asperity Records.

We are working on making this year more beneficial to all of the musicians in attendance, whether they go home with an award or not. We are organizing grab bags and packages to be granted to all audience members from our area’s best PR teams, record labels, endorsement companies, management companies, photographers, promoters, artists, screen-printers, and more.



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