Borracho Kick Off Their First-Ever European Tour!


Borracho Kick Off Their First-Ever European Tour!


Okay folks, you know the drill by now. I’ve been talking about Borracho for years. Obviously I’m a big fan of these Washingtonian heavy-fuzzy-stoner-riff-rock dudes. And I’ve seen them every time they’ve come to Pittsburgh (twice in 2013, and then a third time about a month ago). But despite all that, at their most recent show (22 March 2014 at The Shop, along with Neon Warship from Dayton, and Pittsburgh’s own Carousel), they somehow managed to exceed all my expectations. All three guys seemed to be on fire that night, and the crowd seemed equally enthusiastic. If this trio is bringing that kind of energy with them across the Atlantic, I fully expect they’ll be making some huge waves all over Europe in the coming week and a half. Scroll down for a full list of their across-the-pond tour dates.


Here’s a video from that show of the songs “Eye” and “I’ve Come for It All” (both from their 2013 album Oculus — read my review here or listen to it here):


Borracho European Tour Dates 2014


  • 25 April – Desertfest, London UK
    More details here, or here
  • 26 April – Iron Horse Bar, London UK
    More details
  • 28 April – Daemonensport, Copenhagen DK
  • 29 April – Wild At Heart, Berlin DE
  • 30 April – (secret show), DE
  • 01 May – Effenaar, Eindhoven NL
    More details
  • 02 May – (private show), DE
  • 03 May – Waldmeister, Solingen DE
    More details
  • 04 May – Vrankrijk, Amsterdam NL

European tour teaser video:

More tour details here:




Borracho/CortezSplit (10 April 2014, AM Records)


Here’s something everyone should be happy about — whether you live in any of the planned stops on the band’s current tour or not. About two weeks ago it was unexpectedly announced that a brand-new 7″ was being released, featuring one Borracho song (“Know My Name”) which finds the band bringing their heavy fuzz sound as they explore a bit of a classic/southern rock style (maybe it’s just me, but the guitar parts remind me a lot of James Gang or Joe Walsh). On the flip side is “Vanishing Point” by Boston-based stoner band Cortez, which is also a very cool song (but then what did you expect from a band who named themselves after a Neil Young and Crazy Horse song?) — very heavy and fuzzy as well, and with a kind of atypical (for the genre) frantic energy going on. This split seems rather well put together, as both songs ought to appeal equally to fans of either band. You can check it out (and download or order a copy) at the Bandcamp link below.


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