Diesel King – Concrete Burial (2015)


Diesel KingConcrete Burial (When Planets Collide, 02 February 2015)


Hey there folks, how is everyone on this fine Wednesday afternoon? It’s weird, ’cause it’s like, on the one hand — cool, the week’s halfway over. But then on the other hand — damnit, there’s still half of the week left to go. Either way, I think I need some more coffee. Be right back.

So I’ve made mention in the past about having a “to do list” of stuff I intend to write about, as well as a library filled with stuff I still need to listen to. Sometimes these two lists can seem pretty overwhelming, but I’m determinedly chipping away at each of them. I try to listen to at least a few new items every day so that I don’t get too hopelessly buried, and typically I’ll make a judgement about whether to keep them (for a future review) or discard. Stuff that gets moved onto the “to do list” can sit there indefinitely, because there might be other things I had already started writing about or that I had planned to share on a particular day. Very rarely do I hear something and immediately drop everything else to start writing about whatever it was that I just listened to. But today is one of those cases. Slowly combing through my folder of new stuff, I happened upon a band called Diesel King who’d released an album earlier this year, and I felt like I needed to share it right away. So here goes…



When the first sounds from Concrete Burial started to reach my ears, my initial reaction was that I was hearing some typical death metal. Except that the sound quality was particularly good, so maybe not THAT typical. And the song (“Brainhammer” is the lead-off track) had some distinctively sludgey elements to it — so okay, not really typical death metal after all. My next observation was to note how absolutely massive the drums sounded. The whole recording, really, has a feeling of gigantism to it — but those drums, damn.

A couple songs later, the title track is what REALLY caught my attention and got me excited about this band. While all of the songs here have a few slow, ultra-heavy spots, nothing could really prepare you for that moment where the title “Concrete Burial” is bellowed, followed by HOLY FUCKING SHIT I THINK MY TYMPANIC MEMBRANE JUST EXPLODED!

There’s just something inherently wonderful about that experience where your face unconsciously contorts into a painful grimace and your hands just reflexively reach out and grab a huge handful of nothing — this album is guaranteed to have that kind of effect on you. The press release I had received about this band claims “their live shows are likened to being punched in the face repeatedly.” Well I can neither confirm nor deny that statement — but I can tell you that listening to this record through a pair of earbuds is like being punched in the face repeatedly. Listening to the album again at a high volume through stereo speakers at home is like playing dodge ball with wooly mammoths. (The wooly mammoths are the dodgeballs, not the opponents.) I couldn’t even imagine what experiencing this live would actually be like. But I can only hope to learn, some day.


You can preview this record at Bandcamp (below), or you can skip that step and just go buy a copy here.


And here’s a crazy postscript to this article: after listening to the album I headed on over to the Diesel King Facebook page so I could “like” them. And the first thing I saw there was that the band had just recently unveiled a brand-new video. And that video happened to contain — no kidding — their cover version of 80s pop-rock sensation Toto‘s “Hold the Line”… it’s every bit as absurd as you might imagine, check it out:


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