Shadow Woods Metal Fest (September 2016, White Hall MD)


Shadow Woods Metal Fest

Thursday 15 September through Sunday 18 September 2016

at Camp Hidden Valley, 4722 Mellow Rd, White Hall MD 21161

21+ ONLY

Weekend pass (includes on-site tent camping) $130 in advance or $150 at gate; limited cabin bunks available for an additional charge; single-day tickets also available.

In exactly two weeks, the weekend-long sylvan music and camping party Shadow Woods Metal Fest will kick off for the second year. Described by its organizers as “some of the best music the underground music community has to offer, all while camping in beautiful surroundings. The festival features bands spanning the musical spectrum from folk to doom to black metal to experimental and are carefully curated for their uniqueness in the current musical landscape.”

More details:


The fest will feature forty-one bands across three stages during the three nights. Thursday performers will include North Dakota’s Ghost Bath and Canada’s Numenorean, who are on tour together, as well as German duo Mantar (on an off day from their fall tour with Cobalt). Friday will feature Brooklyn’s Tombs and a very special reunion of Philadelphian two-piece Sadgiqacea, plus an appearance by Mongolian folk metal band Tengger Cavalry, who are also in the midst of a U.S. tour. One of Saturday’s highlights will be Faith in Jane featuring the legendary Scott “Wino” Weinrich, as well as a handful of bands from local Maryland label Grimoire Records, who are one of the festival’s partners and co-producers.

The full schedule for the event can be found here, but all of the participating bands are listed below:

A Sound of Thunder (traditional old-school heavy metal, DC)
Athame (black metal, MD/WV)
At the Graves (doom-sludge, MD)
Acid Witch (horror death, Detroit)
Blood Storm (black thrash, PA/TX)
Bound by the Grave (death metal, Baltimore)
Cemetery Filth (death metal, TN)
Cemetery Piss (black metal, Baltimore)
Coffin Dust (death metal, Philadelphia)
Corpse Light (doom, Baltimore)
Darsombra (psychedelic drone, MD)
Destroyer of Light (sludge, TX)
Empyreus (black metal, Chicago)
Faith in Jane featuring Wino (doom, MD)
Genevieve (experimental black metal, MD)
Ghost Bath (suicidal depressive black metal, ND)
Grave Gnosis (black metal, FL)
Haxen (black metal, Rhode Island)
Helgamite (doom/stoner/sludge, VA)
Helleborus (black metal, CO)
Heron (black metal, NC)
Horseskull (sludge/doom, NC)
Lotus Thief (blackened space rock, CA)
Mantar (power sludge, Germany)
Myopic (death/doom, DC)
Numenorean (post-black metal, Alberta)
Sadgiqacea (doom/sludge/black, Philadelphia)
Sadistic Vision (death metal, PA/NC)
Sapremia (death metal, New Jersey)
Surgeon (progressive metal, Philadelphia)
Teloch Vovin (black metal, NY)
Temple of Void (doom, Detroit)
Tengger Cavalry (Mongolian folk metal, China/NY)
T.O.M.B. (ritual noise, Philadelphia)
Tombs (black/post-metal, Brooklyn)
Torrid Husk (depressive/melodic black metal, WV)
Windfaerer (Iberian folk metal, NJ)
Wizard Eye (doom, PA)
Xeukatre (black metal, Baltimore)
Zud (black metal, Maine)


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