Reintroduce Yourself! Chuck Mosley Tour 2017


I think it would be safe to say that it’s not a normal trend for bands to grow in popularity after a significant line-up change, especially when it comes to a shift in the role of lead vocalist. Even more rare would be the case where a band goes on to achieve a global level of mega-stardom, seemingly overnight, but it has happened a few times throughout music history. And each time, there are invariably legions of die-hard fans of the original configuration — armed with countless reasons why Killers or The Piper at the Gates of Dawn was the band’s crowning achievement.

And frankly, “it’s just a difference of opinion“; what rational basis for argument could there really be regarding one’s musical preferences? Likewise, any discussion of Faith No More will immediately attract somebody who asserts that band’s best output was on its first two albums — 1985’s We Care a Lot and 1987’s Introduce Yourself, and they will never tire of explaining why the vocalist of those early years, Chuck Mosley, was preferable in every way to his (now) more well-known successor.

While I won’t be taking this opportunity to weigh in definitively on that argument — my personal obsession with that band has always been based less on the vocals than on most of the other elements anyhow — I will certainly agree that the band’s current singer is generally overrated every bit as much as Mr. Mosley‘s earlier contributions are perpetually underrated. After all, there’s no way to deny the band’s gigantic breakout moment — the one thing your average person-on-the-street will likely remember about the band, if anything at all — was almost entirely based on the vocal performances of previous recordings, most particularly the band’s first semi-big hit single.

Anyway, all of this is actually leading up to a point, which is that Chuck Mosley, that much-beloved former Faith No More vocalist, who went on to front Bad Brains for a while in the early ’90s before venturing off as a solo artist (sometimes under his own name and sometimes in conjunction with his band V.U.A.) with works like Will Rap Over Hard Rock for Food and last year’s compendium Demos for Sale, now finds himself touring all across America — starting this weekend and lasting well past the end of the summer (at least)! Dozens of shows have already been announced, and I’ve got a listing of all the most current information right here. (And the official word is that there will be more announcements forthcoming, so keep checking back if you don’t see your city listed yet!)

LATEST UPDATE: 25 July 2017



Reintroduce Yourself 2017

09 June – Pekin IL – Twisted Spoke Saloon
10 June – St Louis MO – Red Fish, Blue Fish
11 June – Indianapolis IN – Playground Productions Studio
30 June – Brookfield IL – Elks 1510
01 July – West Chicago IL – Cairo Ale House
02 July – Ypsilanti MI – Maidstone Theatre
20 July – Philadelphia PA – The Barbary
21 July – Long Branch NJ – Brighton Bar
22 July – Bethpage NY – Mr. Beery’s
23 July – Portland ME – Matthew’s Pub
24 July – Salem MA – Koto
25 July – Brooklyn NY – Union Hall
26 July – Wallingford CT – Cherry St. Station
27 July – Baltimore MD – Ottobar
28 July – Kingston NY – The Anchor
29 July – Pittsburgh PA – Howlers (see below for more information)
06 August – Youngstown OH – Chippers
10 August – Huntsville AL – Maggie Meyer’s Irish Pub
11 August – New Orleans LA – Portside Lounge
12 August – Beaumont TX – The Gig
13 August – Houston TX – Vollie Rays
17 August – Los Angeles CA – The Viper Room
18 August – Oakland CA – Eli’s Mile High
19 August – Reno NV – Alturas on the Down Low
20 August – Madras OR – Solar Celebration
21 August – Madras OR – Solar Celebration
23 August – Portland OR – Rock Hard PDX
24 August – Vancouver WA – Shanahan’s
25 August – Boise ID – Vista Bar
26 August – Salt Lake City UT – The Hideout Pub n Grub
27 August – Denver CO – Herman’s Hideaway
29 August – Wichita KS – Barleycorn’s
30 August – Oklahoma City OK – 89th Street Collective
31 August – Dallas TX – The Prophet Bar
01 September – Memphis TN – Hi-Tone
02 September – Atlanta GA – Star Bar
03 September – North Charleston SC – The Sparrow
06 September – Wilmington NC – The Calico Room
07 September – Asheville NC – Altamont Theatre
08 September – Chattanooga TN – JJ’s Bohemia
09 September – Knoxville TN – The Open Chord
10 September – Nashville TN – The 5 Spot
28 September – Winchester VA – Bright Box
29 September – Clifton NJ – Dingbatz
02 October – Lewiston ME – Little Joe’s
06 October – Cleveland OH – The Phantasy
07 October – Kalamazoo MI – Papa Pete’s
10 October – Sioux Falls SD – Bigs Bar
12 October – Kansas City MO – Prohibition Hall
03 November – Cleveland OH – The Agora



Chuck Mosley with Post Traumatik and Dumplings

Saturday 29 July | 9:00 PM | $10 | 21+ ONLY

at Howlers – 4509 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh PA 15224 (Bloomfield)

Full details here:


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