Unkirk – .burial (2017)

Unkirk.burial (Tartarus Records, 31 March 2017)



There are a lot of new releases coming up.

Because of this I’m offering a 30% discount on all orders to make more space at Tartarus HQ.

This includes all of our latest titles and distro items.

Visit tartarusrecords.com and use the code KEEPINGITREEL before checking out to apply the discount.

This discount ends on Saturday June 10th.

Oh, and we priced all of our shirt designs down to 9 euros for the time being 🙂

Thus reads the press release that just came from Tartarus Records this week. Their sale of 30% off runs through TOMORROW, so we wanted to make sure you nice people heard about this and had the chance to take advantage of it. And if you need a suggestion of where to start shopping (aside from previous Tartarus releases we’ve already discussed), might I suggest this megalithic wall of noise from Scottish dirge-drone duo Unkirk?



.burial is the debut release, recorded live by this pair of Glaswegians, drummer Matt MXLX and Omar Aborida who handles the oscillators — they describe their musical philosophy as “high volume, many amplifiers, massive distortion and no guitars.” Named for an old Scots word for the dissolution of the church, the band’s sound consists of enough low-end rumbling and quaking to resemble a more physical manifestation of that same concept: with the relentless pounding and crashing, combined with the virulent buzzing and droning of the layers of heavily mangled synth sounds, you could be hearing actual entire cathedrals’ worth of centuries-old bricks and stones tumbling into ruins.

The album is divided into three tracks, averaging upwards of twelve punishing minutes apiece, named for the ancient elements of “Sky,” “Sea,” and “Earth” — fittingly, considering how omnipresent and all-consuming the cacaphony of Unkirk is.



You can grab the cassette right here, and be sure to enter the discount code KEEPINGITREEL during the check-out process!


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