Boss Keloid – Melted on the Inch (2018)


Boss KeloidMelted on the Inch (Holy Roar Records, 27 April 2018)

Ok folks, let’s talk new music. Here’s one that just came out last Friday that you’ll surely want to acquaint yourself with. Two years ago, when north west England’s Boss Keloid released their second album Herb Your Enthusiasm, we described them by borrowing from a press release: “an eclectic mash of riffery, dirge, groove and sway that will leave you feeling heavy, warm and slightly damp in places.”

All of that remains true on this newer release Melted on the Inch, only more so. Very much more so…


Combining sludge, doom, classic heavy metal, and progressive rock (just to name a few), opening track “Chronosiam” comes across with a slightly old-English-folk feeling to the arrangement and some of the guitar melodies (in these particular aspects, bearing a bit of resemblance to Yes), paired with strong vocals in a sort of Molasses Barge or Arduini/Balich kind of way.


These are all recurring themes throughout the album, progressive leanings blended with other (heavier) genres, and an amalgam of excellent vocals. Case in point: “Peykruve” which starts off with an “Undun” flavor, but afterwards combines a somewhat Steely Dan vibe with massive post-grunge heaviness; “Jromalih” which again brings the Steely Dan rhythms and Yes guitar tone; and as for the vocals, just look to the end of “Lokannok” for some of the strongest and intense-est to be found here.

If you’re still feeling skeptical, please do yourself a favor and listen to the album’s second track “Tarku Shavel.” There’s a ton of music out there today that sounds great while you’re hearing it, but as soon as it’s over it has already left your brain — and too often you revisit a record some time later, and while all the songs are good, none of them really feel that memorable from having heard them previously. Remember when songs used to be instantly memorable, and they would grab hold of you and stick in your brain forever? Like when you were thirteen and you heard “Jesus Christ Pose” for the very first time? Maybe it’s just me. But just go listen.

Melted on the Inch can be ordered in all formats right here.

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