Ohio Doomed and Stoned Fest (21-22 July 2018, Canton OH)


Ohio Doomed and Stoned Fest 2018

Saturday 21 July through Sunday 22 June 2018

at Buzzbin Art & Music Shop, 331 Cleveland Ave NW, Canton OH 44702

2 day pass $30 / Saturday $20 / Sunday $15 (purchase here)

THIS WEEKEND: don’t miss this incredible line-up in the heart of the Buckeye State! More details can be found on the Facebook event page.

Ohio Doomed and Stoned Fest 2018 line-up:


Saturday 21 July

Howling Giant 11:45 pm
Horseburner 11:00 pm
Weed Demon 10:30 pm
Pale Grey Lore 10:00 pm
Bridesmaid 9:30 pm
Maharaja 9:00 pm
Enhailer 8:30 pm
Night Goat 8:00 pm
Matter of Planets 7:30 pm
Black Spirit Crown 7:00 pm
DeathCrawl 6:30 pm
Cult of Sorrow 6:00 pm
DoomChrist 5:30 pm
Monastery 5:00 pm


Sunday 22 July

Silent Monolith 10:45 pm
Close the Hatch 10:00 pm
Pillars 9:30 pm
Contra 9:00 pm
goosed 8:30 pm
Blackwater 8:00 pm
Supercorrupter 7:30 pm
Sweaty Mammoth 7:00 pm
Urns 6:30 pm
Reflex Machine 6:00 pm


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